Sin City Secrets , Book 1
Harlequin Desire #2651
ISBN: 978-1-335-60353-1
March 2019

Contemporary Series Romance

Las Vegas, Nevada – Present Day

Lauren Hart arrives in Las Vegas to escape from a determined suitor in Maryland. She has a new job working for a charity foundation belonging to the super rich Breedlove family. Lauren and her family have known the Breedlove family for years, though she hasn't seen them since she was around twelve. The moment she spots Christian Breedlove, she is attracted to the handsome bachelor. She's not there to have an affair, but there are definite sparks flying between them. In no time at all, Lauren has been hired by Christian for a company position and they set off for Africa on a business trip. Will business turn to pleasure while they're there?

Christian is a confirmed bachelor, especially after being burned by too many women who are more interested in his money than him. He starts things off cautiously with Lauren, though she appears to not only be smart but honest. Can he trust her to not stick her claws into him looking for marriage and will she agree to a friends with benefits type of relationship? Soon after they return to Las Vegas, Lauren's former suitor arrives with a final push to force her to marry him. She reacts by declaring to her would-be-suitor that she's already married…to Christian.

When Lauren was a child Christian didn't look her way, but now that she's all grown up, he can't keep his eyes off her. In SIN CITY VOWS, he pursues her, though he doesn't promise her much beyond a good time in bed. Lauren needed new scenery to avoid a persistent suitor and Vegas seemed to be a good place to go, especially with a temporary job offer helping Christian's mother with their foundation. The moment their eyes meet, he wants her. Lauren is also attracted, thrilled that he's finally looking at her after ignoring her all those years ago. Christian insinuates himself into Lauren's life, but it isn't until they're in Africa that they finally make love. She is hooked and wants more from him, but he makes it clear he's not into commitments.

How will Christian react when Lauren tells her ex-suitor she's married to him? He's already had women try to trap him into marriage and he has to wonder if she's doing the same thing. There's more to the story about the spurned suitor and Lauren will need to trust Christian with the truth.  It turns out that her ex is blackmailing her father. Lauren's relationship with Christian is one rocky road that readers won't want to miss. Will the ex have enough power to destroy Lauren and her family? Will Christian rescue her? Find out the answers in the sizzling hot SIN CITY VOWS.

Patti Fischer