Sin City Secrets , Book 4
Harlequin Desire #2806
ISBN: 978-1-335-23291-5
June 2021

Contemporary Series Romance

Las Vegas, Nevada – Present Day

A few years ago, interior designer Samantha Price and real estate billionaire Nick Breedlove had a sizzling night of sex. Afterward, they walked away from each other and haven't kept in contact, though Nick is aware that Sam married an African prince. Nick's family's hotel company is behind on a big resort project and he turns to her for help after hearing that she's back in the states and attempting to restart her business. Nick wants to hire Sam to design their resort homes for wealthy guests. Meeting in his office, Nick learns that Sam is now divorced, and the sparks fly once more between them. After indicating that she isn't sure she can take the job, she lets him know that she has a four-year-old son to consider.

Sam needs the job—and money—that Nick's company will bring her but working with him again is too dangerous. Why? Because he is the father of her son Trey. After their night together, Sam had heard Nick explain to someone else that children would never be a part of his future. She didn't want to expose her child to a father who wouldn't love him/her—and then a friend of her cousin offered a better option. Marry a prince and provide an heir for him, even if the prince wouldn't be the baby's father. But the marriage didn't work out. Now Sam is confronted with the man she has never forgotten and wonders if it's time to tell Nick that he's a daddy.

Nick really wants Sam for the job, so he pulls a few strings to make his offer irresistible. He is also hoping that they can pick up where they left off before by having a no-strings affair. But Trey is part of the Samantha Package and he soon gets to know the little boy—and likes him. Meanwhile, Nick and Sam are busy getting the resort ready to open in a mere few weeks. She is also facing blackmail threats from her ex, who threatens to expose the real identity of Trey's paternity to Nick. She is now faced with the dilemma of when to tell Nick, plus wondering how he will react.

THE LAST LITTLE SECRET is a sensuous and emotional tale of a one-night stand that was unforgettable. Sam probably should have told Nick in the first place, but she wasn't thinking right and only thought of protecting her child. Once he finds out about his being Trey's father, will their relationship change—in not a good way? Is it more than just lust between them? Find out the answers in the sizzling hot THE LAST LITTLE SECRET.

Patti Fischer