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The Eddington Heirs, Book 5
Harlequin Desire #2A
ISBN: 978-1-335-45753-0
April 2023
Contemporary Series Romance

Chicago, Illinois – Present Day

Arriving in America from his home country, the Kingdom of Kutoka, Aldric “Abe” Baiden is trying to fit in with people. But that is hard to do after he rescues heiress Reign Eddington from her boyfriend who is mad that she is calling it quits after once again finding him in a compromising situation with another woman. Abe is intrigued by Reign and learns from his cousin Nolan that he works at a school where Reign is a frequent visitor. Taking on a bet that he won’t last long as a “normal” person, Abe dresses down and takes a job at the school as a janitor. He hopes that it will lead him to Reign. After all, he is looking for a bride…

Reign wasted months with her now ex even though there were plenty of signs that he was cheating on her. But the night in the nightclub when she caught him with his tongue down another woman’s throat in public was the last straw. Unfortunately, he is not taking it well and starts manhandling her. It’s a stranger—Abe—to the rescue. After running into him at school, he intrigues her. He is polite and seems well-polished, yet he works as a janitor. He makes himself available to Reign, and soon, they are spending time together. Readers know that she won’t like that he’s not being honest with her. How will she react?

Abe is royalty and is being pressured to marry soon because his beloved grandfather has inoperable cancer. His family has picked out potential brides but Abe is balking. In a plot straight out of Coming to America, THE SECRET HEIR, he has hopes of finding one in America—and soon he sets his sights on Reign. He has to keep his identity a secret because then he would have women knocking on his door. Abe is also a famous former soccer player, so when the school asks him to help teach the students the game, he hesitates, until Reign encourages him. Abe truly does like to help people. He is also honorable and sweet toward Reign. She is soon pulled into caring for him, but if she finds out he is lying to her…

Reign has wasted time with worthless men who only want to use her, so being around Abe is like a breath of fresh air. Their romance is both sweet and sizzling hot. Once they make love, they can’t get enough of each other. However, the truth about Abe continues to hang over them. Meanwhile, Abe is getting pressured by his parents to choose a bride—and return home to marry that woman. Will he make Reign his bride? Can she get past his lies? A sensual and enjoyable romance, don’t miss THE SECRET HEIR.

Patti Fischer

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