POWER PLAY – Anna DePalo
The Serenghetti Brothers , Book 3
Harlequin Desire #2688
September 2019
Contemporary Series Romance

Welsdale, Massachusetts -- Present Day

Jordan Serenghetti and Sera Perini are related by marriage—sort of. Her cousin is married to his brother. When pro hockey star Jordan needs a physical therapist after an injury, it's Sera who is assigned to his case. She is well aware of his reputation as a “player,” and we're not talking about sports. Naturally, he flirts with her, and though she tries to rebuff him, there's no denying the mutual attraction. But Sera realizes that getting involved with Jordan is likely to end with her heart being broken. Not that it stops them from taking the plunge when their kisses turn as hot as a flaming fire.

Jordan isn't into commitment, and Sera understands this, yet it can't stop her from falling for the sexy bad boy. Sera keeps Jordan on his toes, which only intensifies the desire he feels for her. Their sexy bantering is a big part of POWER PLAY. They love to jab at one another, knowing that deep down it's only a prelude to sex. But Sera has to try to keep her heart intact, because she's already had it broken once by another man. Will Jordan do the same? Once he is healthy, is there any chance they will continue their torrid affair? They try to keep it a secret, but it's hard to do when they're caught in interesting sexy situations by family members, such as the coat closet while attending a wedding. Clearly, they have the hots for one another. Will they take a chance and see where the future lies for them?

While POWER PLAY is part of The Serenghetti Brothers series by Anna DePalo, it can easily be read as a standalone since the focus of the story is about Jordan and Sera. They've known one another for a while now, but it isn't until they're thrown into contact that they really begin to notice each other. Their sexual chemistry is off the charts, enough to sizzle the pages. Don't miss this sexy tale. Be sure to grab POWER PLAY today.

Patti Fischer