MET HER MATCH - Jude Deveraux
A Summer Hill Novel
Mira Books
ISBN: 978-0-7783-5124-5
September 2019
Hardcover Contemporary Romance

Present Day, the resort on Lake Kissel near Summer Hill, Virginia

The resort may be owned by her father, widower Brody Rayburn, but most of the day to day work is done by his daughter Terrie. They live on the lake where she is on call to aid the tenants and visitors. She can be seen out on her boat and at the cabins solving problems about every day. But one day she wakes up to find a visitor in the house she shares with her father. When she gets up to chase the stranger out, he gives her a hard time. It turns out he has been sent there by an uncle through a misunderstanding. His name is Nate Taggert and he's planning to move to the town. Terrie lets him stay a while and is soon impressed by him, his manners and helpfulness, not to mention his good looks and muscular build. He can do most anything around; he even cooks, a talent she lacks.

Terrie hasn't had a boyfriend in a long while; she's had bad luck in that area. She soon gets a crush on Nate, but, sadly, he's engaged to the very popular daughter of the town's mayor. On Nate's part, even if he admires Terrie's nature and beauty, he would never act on it. 

While this is an important part of this fun and captivating read, it is just the beginning. Much is made of the interactions among the lake residents, the town's population, and the several and various characters. It turns out that Nate is engaged to the daughter of Summer Hill's mayor, though she is away and won't be home for three weeks. 

That's not all; there is local history, a bit of mystery, excellent characterization, and captivating plot lines. MET HER MATCH is currently out in hardcover; the paperback versions will be out in May. On the whole, I highly recommend this entertaining, well written read. 

Jane Bowers