The Jameson Heirs , Book 2
Harlequin Desire #2597
ISBN: 978-0-335-97157-9
June 2018
Contemporary Series Romance

Washington, DC – Present Day

Spence Jameson is back in town and Abby Rowe is angry about it. Months ago, they'd barely started dating when Spence saw his father kissing her and believed that she was after bigger fish, and he left town. Abby has finally gotten over the betrayal—from Spence for not believing her, and his father for setting it up to spite his son. Working in the same building, they're bound to run into one another…and sparks start to fly between them once more. One night at a party, they give into the attraction and end up in a closet for a round of passionate sex.

Spence and his two brothers have a troubled relationship with their father who is manipulative and doesn't care that he hurts his sons. Spence should've realized it didn't make sense that Abby would betray him with his father, but he has a hard time trusting people. Now he's back, and soon he realizes that Abby isn't a gold digger. He also discovers that he wants to pick up their relationship right where they left off. After their tryst in the closet, they start to slowly rebuild their romance. Will it lead to something more than an affair?

As REUNION WITH BENEFITS opens, Spence surprises Abby by showing up in the office after being gone for months. He realizes that he still is attracted to her, yet he wonders if he can trust her. She is not happy to see him and angrily brushes him off, but there are still sparks sizzling between them. Because Abby works for the Jameson brothers and she is friends with Spence's brother's fiancée, they're bound to run into one another. But it isn't until the party that things skyrocket between them and they're unable to control their lust. Can Spence trust Abby? She swears there was nothing going on with his father, which he should've realized since the man is always looking for ways to hurt Spence and his brothers. It doesn't help that Abby is beautiful and every man who looks at her has Spence jealous.

Abby is determined to not fall in love with Spence but the attraction between them is too deep to ignore. Whenever she thinks they're moving forward in their relationship, something happens that sets them back. The best way to avoid heartache is to just break it off and move on, but Spence is too tempting. Then, his father returns to town and he's ready to cause trouble again. Will the man break them up…permanently?

While REUNION WITH BENEFITS can be read as a standalone, it is part of  The Jameson Heirs  series and has several appearances by Derrick and Elle from PREGNANT BY THE CEO. Pick up that book, then pick up this one. There's one more brother to go—Carter.

REUNION WITH BENEFITS is a sexy and intriguing tale about a couple reuniting and facing many obstacles before they find love and happiness. Don't miss REUNION WITH BENEFITS.

Patti Fischer