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ISBN: 978-1-335-62400-0
March 7, 2023
Romantic Suspense

Gothic, California – Present Day

While driving her car one day, flower breeder Zoey is broadsided by a Hummer with a driver seemingly intent on running her off the cliff. She awakens in the hospital with her mother by her side. While Zoey is groggy, her mother rambles on about dragons and other things, but then her mother isn’t there when it’s time to be released. Instead, Zoey’s ex-husband, Luca, is there with a car to take her to her beloved little home in Gothic. Their marriage ended when Luca wouldn’t give up his pro wrestling career. Zoey needs the temporary help while she recovers, so she agrees to accept Luca’s help. 

But things aren’t what they seem. Gothic is a small town where everyone knows just about everyone in town. But the townspeople are a bit eccentric, starting with the matriarch of the town, Angelica, a former movie star. Secrets are aplenty in Gothic, yet folks will help their neighbors. Upon Zoey’s arrival home, she is informed that a package came for her and is waiting for her in a neighbor’s home. Unfortunately, the wife ended up in the hospital before the package could be given to Zoey. But that is forgotten as other things take precedence. Such as Zoey getting reacquainted with Luca—and realizing that her love for him hasn’t died. There is also the fact that someone broke in and ransacked her place, including upending her beloved plants.  Is it just a random break-in, or is someone looking for something they think Zoey has?

FORGET WHAT YOU KNOW is a tense thriller with as many twists and turns as a winding mountain road. Readers will kind of get a hint early on of what the mysterious people might be after and how it involves Zoey. She, however, is oblivious and thinks the accident was just a random hit-and-run. But her mother knows better and takes off to get some answers, leaving Luca in charge of Zoey because she feels he would protect her. They fell in love at a young age and married, but his wrestling career and her own burgeoning one as an up-and-coming “plant whisperer” soon has them splitting up. Luca’s mother was happy to see Zoey leave, but partway through this tale, she shows up. How will the reception be? Why is she there?

Meanwhile, Luca and Zoey start to reconnect again, similar to when they first fell in love. But Luca is hiding something from her, namely the reason why he let her walk away from their marriage and why he’s back. I won’t go into the reasons, because it is part of the spoilers. There are certainly plenty of goings-on and intriguing twists in FORGET WHAT YOU KNOW. The heart of the story is a missing Dragon’s Heart. It appears people will kill to get it. Is Zoey the next victim, even though she has no idea what or where it is? Will Luca protect her as he planned? How will the quirky townspeople of Gothic play a part? 

I must admit that I hung on to one intriguing crumb in the story that I knew was the key and turned out to be right. But I wasn’t expecting all the forks in the tale that unfold the deeper I got into reading FORGET WHAT YOU KNOW. It is action-packed and filled with intrigue and quirkiness. If you want a read that keeps you glued to the pages, pick up FORGET WHAT YOU KNOW by Christina Dodd.

Patti Fischer

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