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POINT LAST SEEN – Christina Dodd
ISBN: 978-1-335-62397-3
July 26, 2022
Romantic Suspense

Gothic, California – Present Day

Adam Ramsdell is walking on the beach near his home when he comes across the half-frozen body of a woman that has washed ashore. Thinking she’s dead, he lifts her up over his shoulder—when suddenly she comes back to life. Adam takes her back to his home overlooking the beach, where he learns that she has amnesia, except that she knows someone just tried to kill her and she’s afraid they will complete the job if they find out she’s alive. As the hours progress, the woman remembers that her name is Elle and that she was on a ship. She is now having nightmares of the attack and can’t remember why she was targeted. Adam will do whatever it takes to protect Elle. But will danger follow Elle to Gothic?

Gothic is a remote and unique little town that is home to several eccentric people, including an actress who chooses to hide away here. There is also a physic, Madame Rune, who Adam wants Elle to see in hopes of learning more about her past. Flashbacks soon fill in many of the blanks, except for why she was attacked on the ship—and by whom. After someone mysteriously fires a gunshot into Madame Rune’s shop while the three of them are there, Adam isn’t sure if the shot was meant for Elle or him. Adam has a nemesis who has a grudge against him. Is it enough to try and kill him? Meanwhile, will Elle’s attackers show up in Gothic to finish the job?

POINT LAST SEEN is a tense and suspenseful tale that will keep readers on the edge of their seats. The question as to who Elle is and how she ended up on the beach half-dead will need to be answered. While Adam is more of an open book, he will need to explain his past to Elle after the shots were fired. Adam and Elle are two lost souls trying to find themselves and they make the perfect couple. Readers will soon be rooting for them to get a happily-ever-after. The people of Gothic think nothing of welcoming Elle—a stranger—into their town. Adam is, after all, well respected by them. While most of this tale is from either Elle or Adam’s point of view, we also learn a little about the others, such as Angelica, the actress, and Clarice. There is a surprise near the end that even I didn’t expect.

There are several spine-tingling scenes in POINT LAST SEEN that make this a compelling read. Adam and Elle will need to fight for their lives—and for their future together. Their chemistry in this tale shines as their initial attraction soon grows to love. The ride to the end won’t be easy but readers know that these two are fighters. If you love a good suspense, then POINT LAST SEEN should be on your book buying list. It provides the suspense, the action, and the romance, with the good guys winning.

Patti Fischer

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