A SEASON OF YOU - Emma Douglas
A Cloud Bay Novel , #2
St. Martin's
ISBN: 978-1-250-11100-5
October 2017
Contemporary Romance

Lansing Island, California - Present Day

Will Fraser and his brother, Stefan, have lived on Lansing Island for five years, fulfilling their dream to own a bar and run a distillery. The moment Will spotted longtime resident Mina Harper shortly after he arrived, he was attracted to her, but she belonged to another man. She's now a widow, and one rainy night, a roadside emergency gives Will a chance to connect with her. However, Mina has closed off her heart to getting involved with another man. It's going to be a long and complicated uphill battle for Will to make her change her mind.

Mina is part of a famous family that settled on the island years ago, and she prefers the solitude of life here, rather than in the bigger cities. She lives in an old restored lighthouse located on family property along with her dog Stewie, who provides companionship and protection. After Mina is rescued by Will, her eyes are suddenly opened with the realization that she is finding herself attracted to another man. But is she ready after losing her husband? Mina is young-twenty-three-but should she live the rest of her life in solitude?

On Lansing Island, pretty much everyone knows everybody, but for Will and Mina, they have barely interacted. Mina married at eighteen to her first love, but their marriage was cut short when a drunk driver killed him. Because of this, she doesn't go into bars, and Will, the bar owner, isn't somebody she thinks would interest her. However, after he rescues her and takes her home, where he spends the night making sure she doesn't have complications from her head injury, the sparks fly. Will wants her, and they strike good vibes around each other. While their chemistry isn't apparent to Mina, it's obvious to everyone else. Meanwhile, they are thrust into helping to plan a new Christmas festival the mayor is organizing. Will this keep throwing them together?

Will has never been as attracted to any woman as he is to Mina. While her sister, Faith, is prominent on the island because of her dedicated work to a yearly music fest sponsored by the Harper family, Mina has kept to herself. After Will rescues her, their "friendship" may have not gone any further, except Mina decides to thank him with some cookies. Now Will is feeling hopeful that things may head toward a "green light" and he doesn't plan to waste any time. While Mina initially resists him, she soon softens, and their kisses turn into something more. She lets him know she isn't ready for anything beyond a Christmas fling, but once the holidays are over, will they be in too deep to end it?

Minor characters in A SEASON OF YOU include Will's brother, Stefan, who sees his brother falling for Mina even before they realize it. Mina's sister, Faith, had her story told (with her now fiancé Caleb) in the recently released NEED YOU NOW. There is also Lou, Mina's stepmother, who is the family rock after the girls lost their father. The mayor, Angie, has a thing against the Harper family, but will it just bring Will and Mina closer together?

Mina is given a second chance at finding love with Will in A SEASON OF LOVE. She resists, but love wins in the end. An engaging and beautiful romance, grab a copy of A SEASON OF LOVE.

Patti Fischer