NEED YOU NOW – Emma Douglas
A Cloud Bay Novel , Book 1 of 3
St. Martin's Paperbacks
ISBN: 978-1-250-11098-5
September 2017
Contemporary Romance

Cloud Bay, California – Present Day

With the annual music festival founded by her late father about to start, Faith Harper is too busy to think about dating. But a couple of days before the start of the music fest, Faith spots recently retired tennis superstar Caleb White in a car that just drove off the ferry. Because she's too busy, she figures she won't see him again, but to her surprise, Caleb is there with a friend who's staying at the house of her father's friend—and it's Faith who has to give them the key. Sparks fly between them, and while she continues to wrangle with last minute issues relating to the festival, it's Caleb she can't stop thinking about.

After his injury and decision to retire, Caleb is using the time away from his Malibu home to think about his future. One thing he isn't looking for is a romance, but when he meets Faith, he wonders if a “vacation” fling could be in the works. Faith is dedicated to making the music fest a success, and he can't interfere, but there's something between them that draws them to each other. When she seeks him out for a bout of sex during a moment of crisis, he's all for it, but will it only lead to strengthening the attraction between them? What happens when the week is up and he leaves?

NEED YOU NOW by Emma Douglas is a sweet and emotional tale that also packs a sensual punch. Faith is surrounded by the memories of her late father, a rock superstar who settled his family on Lansing Island, where Cloud Bay sits. After his death five years ago, Faith took on the responsibilities of the festival, which suits her fine. She once dabbled in music as a singer, but it is her brother who is now building a career in the music industry. When she needs to “scratch her itch” for sex, Faith takes it off the island. So, getting involved with Caleb shouldn't be an option, but after she is frustrated when an act drops out at the last minute, it's him that she turns to for some “consolation.” Whenever Faith feels frustrated, Caleb helps her work it off. But as the time grows closer when he'll leave, she realizes she doesn't want him to go…

Caleb went into his fling with Faith thinking that it would only be temporary. His life is currently in flux as he makes decisions that will impact his future. Besides, Faith's life is in Cloud Bay. No way could they make a long-distance romance work. He's seen too many already fail. But Caleb is quickly realizing that when you're seriously attracted to someone, your heart wants to rule your head.

Other characters in NEED YOU NOW include Faith's widowed younger sister, Mina, who pretty much keeps to herself as she continues to recover emotionally after losing her husband. Another sibling, Zach, isn't really seen, but he provides Faith with enough up and down emotions that she shouldn't be having as the fest nears.

Readers who love small-town romances that are packed with emotion and also add in some sizzle will surely enjoy NEED YOU NOW. Faith and Caleb are perfect for one another, but they will have to get over their resistance to letting nature take its course. An entertaining and enjoyable read, grab a copy of NEED YOU NOW.

Patti Fischer