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High Country Hawkes , Book 1
Harlequin Desire #2930
ISBN: 978-1-335-58169-3
March 2023
Contemporary Series Romance

Hawkes Cattle Ranch, Colorado – Present Day

After a rodeo-related injury sidelines his career, Dallas Hawkes has been spending time on his family’s Colorado ranch. He is impatient to leave and return to the rodeo circuit, but the pain from the injury still lingers. One day, a woman shows up at the ranch as the new ranch hire-in-training. Her name is Sierra Armstrong, and she doesn’t appear to know a lot about working on a ranch. But Sierra does give great massages. She is also good to look at, and before Dallas can stop it, he finds himself attracted to her. 

Sierra is really a trained wellness expert brought to the ranch by Dallas’ sister, McKinney. But he wouldn’t have worked with Sierra if he knew the reason she was there, so McKinney hires her and asks her to quietly work her magic on Dallas. The man is stubborn and uncommunicative, but soon they’re looking at each other like a cat looks at a mouse. Sierra didn’t come to Colorado to sleep with her subject, but the attraction runs deep. Can she help him, or will the truth about why she’s there blow up in everyone’s faces?

Sierra had just broken off her engagement to her now ex-boss and had no place to go. McKinney is an old college friend, so her offer to come to Colorado and help Dallas was tempting. While she would prefer a cooperative “patient,” she understands why she must keep her true identity under wraps. Dallas has been somewhat estranged from his family for years and is only back due to recovering from the injury. If he knew why Sierra was there, he’d probably throw her off the ranch himself and refuse to even think about running the ranch in the future. His family wants him to stay, while Dallas is ready to leave.

For Dallas, the ranch has a few painful memories, notably the death of his beloved mother when he was a teen. She had died in an accident and he feels like he could have rescued her before she died. The entrance of beautiful (and out of place) Sierra into his life lifts his spirits. She is plucky and determined to talk to him. It’s no wonder that they are soon turning massage sessions into kissing ones. But he feels like he is a broken man and can’t offer her anything. In BREAKAWAY COWBOY, will she not only help the pain from injuries, but the pain in his heart?

An emotional tale that will have the readers hoping Dallas chooses the right path, the one that leads to a happily ever after with Sierra. Be sure to pick up BREAKAWAY COWBOY today. 

Patti Fischer

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