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High Country Hawkes , Book 2
Harlequin Desire #14A
ISBN: 978-1-335-45776-9
August 2023

Contemporary Series Romance

Jagged Creek, Colorado – Present Day

History professor Ruby Monaco is in Jagged Creek to write a book about the history of wealthy Colorado ranching families. One day she shows up at the Hawkes Cattle Ranch uninvited—not realizing there is a wedding reception going on. The groom’s brother, Austin Hawkes, mistakes Ruby for a friend of the bride and lets her into the party. It is only later that the truth comes out. When Austin hears what Ruby is after, he wants no part of it, especially when he discovers she is asking a lot of questions around town. Maybe he can control what Ruby learns by inviting her to stay with him in the ranch house. 

Once Ruby is settled into the humongous house, she is curious about the women who married Hawkes men. She is aware that Austin is keeping close tabs on her, but she figures that she can work around it. But their many interactions soon turn into a sizzling attraction between them that they’re soon acting upon. Once Ruby is done with her research, will she leave Jagged Creek with a broken heart?

An unexpected attraction leads to a fling between two people at odds in FROM HIGHRISE TO HIGH COUNTRY. All Ruby wants is for Austin and others in Jagged Creek to cooperate with her research into the history of the local ranch families. He is immediately suspicious of her and because the family values their privacy, he doesn’t want to divulge their secrets. But Ruby is persistent, and Austin decides to try and control what she finds by having her stay under his roof. Or maybe it is because he finds her attractive? Ruby and Austin dance around their attraction at first but soon give in to the passion. Meanwhile, she is curious about Austin’s deceased mother. The woman apparently wasn’t happy living at the ranch and later died in a car accident. Austin is tight-lipped about his mother. Will Ruby stumble onto something explosive? And once her research is complete, will he let her walk away without regrets?

In FROM HIGHRISE TO HIGH COUNTRY there is a lot of bantering back and forth between Ruby and Austin, enough to keep readers glued to the pages. Add in his family’s ribbing him about Ruby and his feelings for her, then readers will feel the sexual tension between them. Austin denies those feelings but it’s obvious that they are falling in love. Will a conflict doom them from achieving happiness? Find out the answer by grabbing a copy of FROM HIGHRISE TO HIGH COUNTRY.

Patti Fischer

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