Whiskey Bay Brides , Book 1
Harlequin Desire #2537
ISBN: 978-0-373-83864-6
August 2017
Contemporary Series Romance

Whiskey Bay, Washington – Present Day

Caleb Watford has made plans to build one of his world-class restaurants in the tiny coastal town he used to visit as a child, but one day a dilapidated former restaurant close to his site shows life of being reopened. He marches over there to find out what's going on and learns that Jules Parker and her sister, Melissa, are in the process of restoring and reopening the restaurant once run by their late grandfather. There is no love lost between the Watford and Parker families, and it's carried over to Jules and Caleb. Except, Caleb is suddenly finding himself attracted to Jules.

Reopening the restaurant from scratch has been Jules's dream of a way to honor her grandfather. She doesn't have a lot of money, so they're doing it themselves with the help of one hired man. Caleb may have a lot of money, but he's not going to squash her plans. They argue and do battle, but underneath lie sparks of desire for one another. There is deep-seated hatred between their fathers, and before that, their grandfathers, but can the feud be laid to rest…and Caleb and Jules allowed to give into their attraction?

There's a whole lot of battling going on between Caleb and Jules in FROM TEMPTATION TO TWINS, but their dislike of each other soon grows to an attraction. Neither of them really cares about the family feud, but they do respect their family's heritage. Jules is determined to restore her grandfather's restaurant to its old glory, while Caleb wants to bring his famous restaurants to his old stomping grounds. Since their properties are next to one another, they're easily on a path to a clash of competing restaurants. Caleb is using his lawyers to find a way to stop her, while Jules is relying on her stubbornness to prove she won't back down.

Surrounding Caleb and Jules are her sister, Melissa, who is one hundred percent behind her sister's plan to reopen the old restaurant, but also sees that they may be in over their heads. Meanwhile, Melissa has her eye on their only male employee, Noah. Will getting involved with guys prove to be a distraction the sisters don't need? Caleb's best friends, TJ and Matt, live nearby and have their own business in the area. The two friends smirk as they realize Caleb has the hots for Jules. These two men are probably the heroes of the next two stories in Whiskey Bay Brides , a new series by Barbara Dunlop.

Whiskey Bay may be a quaint little town on the Washington coast, but Caleb manages to convince Jules to go on a date with him to San Francisco. After an earthquake leads to a misdirection of their original plans, they're forced to spend the night in San Francisco. One thing leads to another…and it may have unexpectedly created a baby (or two). Despite their temporary truce, Caleb and Jules haven't changed their minds about wanting the other to back away from their restaurant plans. Who will win in the end, and how will an unplanned pregnancy affect their decision? It's a battle of the sexes that readers won't want to miss. Grab a copy of FROM TEMPTATION TO TWINS and prepare to be enthralled.

Patti Fischer