Billionaires and Babies Series
Harlequin Desire #2492
ISBN: 978-0-373-83819-6
January 2017
Contemporary Series Romance

Los Angeles, California Present Day

After learning her sister died and had a baby, schoolteacher Kate Dunhern decides to check in and see how her niece is doing. But to do this, she has to fit in with the crowd that the baby's father, Quentin, hangs out with, forcing her to dress like a party girl. Her first night at Quentin's mansion, Kate is appalled at what goes on and wonders what nefarious activities he is up to. She is also intrigued by Brody Calder, a man who appears to be one of Quentin's buddies. Brody seems to be around whenever she gets into problems, but she can't let herself be distracted by him because she needs to be on alert to find evidence that she can use to claim her niece.

Brody is in LA working undercover to recover some stolen internet codes stolen by Quentin, but he can't tell Kate or anyone for fear of exposure. Add in that there seems to be unsavory characters working for Quentin, discretion is the right decision. Kate intrigues Brody, especially since she seems to be looking for something herself. What is she up to, and is she really the little girl's aunt? Hanging around Kate, Brody finds himself attracted to her, and soon he is acting as her protector. Kate and Brody will need to come clean with each other if they want to go further in their relationship.

There's a whole lot of intrigue going on in ONE BABY, TWO SECRETS by Barbara Dunlop. Both Kate and Brody are doing a little undercover work but for different reasons. Kate just wants to make sure her niece is in a safe environment, while Brody is after stolen codes. It is clear something is unscrupulous, what with Russian bodyguards and men who are secretive about their business with Quentin. Exactly what does Quentin do? Each night there are parties going on, and Kate dresses up in order to fit in. She doesn't let on to Quentin that she is thinking of suing for custody or he'd likely throw her out.  Brody becomes her protector when she gets boxed into a few corners by some of Quentin's rowdy friends. She appreciates the help, but he is as deep and mysterious as mud. Brody has to fit in also, but he's letting his distraction of the divine and sexy Kate get to him.

In ONE BABY, TWO SECRETS, Kate and Brody banter back and forth several times, which makes for entertaining reading. The chemistry between them sizzles and readers will be pulled into their secret investigation into the business and personal life of Quentin. What happens makes this tale nearly a romantic suspense novel, but shorter in length.  I wasn't expecting all that happened, which makes ONE BABY, TWO SECRETS a book you won't want to put down. I almost want Brody and Kate to take off on another adventure. Meanwhile, will one little girl end up in a happy and loving home? Grab ONE BABY, TWO SECRETS for a little reading adventure of your own.

Patti Fischer