THE TWIN SWITCH – Barbara Dunlop
Gambling Men , Book 1
Harlequin Desire #2710
ISBN: 978-1-335-20886-6
January 2020
Contemporary Series Romance

San Francisco, California & Las Vegas, Nevada – Present Day

Layla Gillen is enjoying a weekend getaway with her best friend (and soon to be her sister-in-law), when bride-to-be Brooklyn suddenly gets distracted by a handsome man at the hotel in San Francisco and disappears. Layla fears that Brooklyn will break off her engagement to her brother, so when she spots the man later on in the hotel, she corners him. But she soon learns that his name is Max and he is a twin—and it isn't Max with whom Brooklyn is currently infatuated, but his twin, Colton. An instant attraction between Max and Layla develops, resulting in a hot night spent together. Later, discovering that Brooklyn has taken off to Vegas with Colton, Layla, with Max's help, chase after them. Will things get even hotter in Vegas? Can Layla save her best friend and brother's upcoming marriage?

Layla and her girlfriends thought they were going to San Francisco for a weekend of girly fun, but it all turns into a madcap adventure for Layla as she tries to prevent the bride from ditching the groom. Why doesn't Layla wonder why Brooklyn is even looking at another man if she is so much in love? It might have to do with the fact that Layla wants her best friend to marry her brother more than they want to marry each other. At first, she accuses Max, not realizing it was his twin, Colton, who was with Brooklyn. Layla should also trust her best friend—but once she learns Brooklyn has flown the coop with Colton to Vegas, it is a race against time to find them and stop the bride-to-be from breaking off the engagement. At times, Layla acts like a helicopter parent, meaning she is hovering around trying to fix the situation to the way she wants. Will she succeed, or will Brooklyn tell her to go take a flying leap?

THE TWIN SWITCH reads more like a chick-lit romance because it is told in Layla's first-person point of view, which means readers have no idea what Max thinks, or even what Brooklyn's true feelings are. The tale starts with the three girlfriends arriving in San Francisco, but the other friend, Natalie, soon gets pushed to the background (she doesn't follow the group to Vegas but remains in San Francisco). It is clear to readers that there is a sensual connection between Layla and Max, but she tries to push away any idea that he means more than a one-night stand. Then there is the conflict they have over his brother. Is there any chance of love—and happiness—between Max and Layla?

An intriguing tale that is more of an adventure than focusing on the romance between our couple, don't miss THE TWIN SWITCH. Next up in the Gambling Men series is Natalie's tale.

Patti Fischer