A No Ordinary Hero Novel
, Book 3
St. Martin's Paperbacks
ISBN-13:  978-1-250-09545-9
February 2018
Historical Romance

Inverness, Scotland 1806 and 1816

When Callum MacCreath comes home from the Seven Fathoms pub, it's to find out his brother Ian, Lord Geiry, is marrying Rebecca Sanderson, daughter of the English businessman George Sanderson.  Becca and Ian and Callum had been friends for ten years, and at twenty, Callum was pretty sure he someday wanted Becca for himself after having his fun with drink and the local women at the pub.  But Ian, Becca's father and the leader of the Clan Maxwell, the Duke of Dunncraigh, are talking about merging their shipping business and Becca's dowry of ships.  Becca tells Callum he's a drunk boy at twenty, with no future, and insulting to his brother.  When all the other men overhear what Callum said to Becca, Ian orders him out of his house, and tells him to never come back.

Ten years later, Callum owns a distillery in Kentucky and has a wolf named Waya as a friend.  He built the distillery from nothing, and has refused to read letters received from his brother, or from anyone else.  But as a worker is setting some paper to burn the inside of a barrel, he sees something about the death of a man named Lord Geiry drowned in Scotland.  Callum fetches the letter that was to be burned and finds out his brother had died a year ago and this was the lawyer's last attempt to find him as the heir.  Callum had told everyone and the Duke of Dunncraigh when he left that if anything happened to his brother or his wife, he would be back and find him.  Now Callum will make good on his vow.

Callum is nothing like his former self; tall, strong, well-built, and not a drinker any more.  Becca is surprised to see him, almost ready to see the estate go to a cousin of Ian's.  Right after Ian drowned, her father also died, and she inherited his shipping business along with her husband's.  Since her father, Ian and Dunncraigh were all partners, it seems logical Becca also marry Dunncraigh's son, Donnach.  But whatever happened, Callum is not prepared when he meets Margaret, Ian and Becca's six-year-old daughter, whom he quickly comes to adore.  Margaret must be protected, and then he has to find out if Becca was behind the death of Ian and her father.  Good thing Callum isn't the inexperienced boy he was ten years before.

Suzanne Enoch has a powerful ending to the No Ordinary Hero series with Callum, a man sent from his home, who had to sell his horse to pay for his fare to America and make a new living.  Becca stayed and married Ian, and had a secure, if boring marriage.  Callum brings up feelings best left behind, but he says she can do whatever she wants, but he is now the heir of Geiry, and Margaret stays with him as his heir.  Never fear, Callum is just as determined to kill Dunncraigh and his son, until Becca persuades him to try to use legal means to convict them of murder.

Secondary characters are Callum's niece, Margaret, soon the apple of his eye.  There's his faithful wolf Waya who comes with him to Scotland, and other characters to round out the servants and businessmen Callum comes to depend upon to get the evidence he needs.

A DEVIL IN SCOTLAND is the final story of the Clan Maxwell, following HERO IN THE HIGHLANDS (October 2016) and MY ONE TRUE HIGHLANDER (April 2017).  Dunncraigh has decimated the Clan and taken its money and ignored the Clan's needs, but is Callum the one to deal with him by murdering him, or can he get the Crown in England to put him in prison as he is too powerful in Scotland?  But more importantly, can Becca come to terms with a totally different Callum, who is older and more mature than she remembers him, and determined to protect her and her daughter if it means going to prison for murder?  There's a lot of action and emotion in A DEVIL IN SCOTLAND; will good triumph over evil?  Grab a copy this month and enjoy the Highlands as you never have before.

Carolyn Crisher