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St. Martin's Griffin
ISBN: 9781250842541
September 19, 2023
Historical Romance

England - 19th Century

The Duke of Woriton, Michael Bromley, is known in the ton as being a bit eccentric. While he performs the required duties of a duke, his entire world revolves around studying electricity. Rarely seen in public or at social events, Woriton is, however, devoted to his aunt, the Lady Mary. It's thanks to her that Woriton now finds himself having to deal with the public, and a certain young woman. Lady Mary is away and has left her beloved poodle, Lancelot, in Woriton's care. What could go wrong?

Young Elizabeth Dockering, Bitsy to her friends, is the youngest daughter of a viscount. As this is her second Season, Bitsy is enjoying being the belle of each ball, with eligible men flocking to her side. She also enjoys walks with her poodle, Galahad, a dog who is totally devoted to her, but despises everyone else. A chance encounter in the park with the not-so-sociable Duke of Woriton who is walking his aunt's dog, results in a brief, but memorable conflagration. Somehow the two dogs get switched, and each goes home with the wrong person!

Meanwhile, Lord Peter Cordray is in dire need of a rich bride, and Miss Dockering fits that bill. However, her vicious dog must be dealt with, so Cordray hires Jimmy Bly from the streets to kidnap Galahad. The only problem is that it's Lancelot who is in Bitsy's room, and now the story gets complicated.

Woriton is known in Society for his blunt talk, and his lack of care for its results. But he is learning to be less blunt and more thoughtful as he and Bitsy work out the dog issue. Never having put much thought into finding a wife, Woriton suddenly finds himself thinking about the lovely girl with the open and honest approach to life. And Bitsy, now wanting to be called by her full name, feels the need to try and understand the formerly unapproachable duke! 

Will there be a happy ending to the dog-napping situation? And will Woriton and Elizabeth discover what are each other's honest traits? A sometimes humorous tale, EVERY DUKE HAS HIS DAY is a delightful romance with a twist.

Jani Brooks

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