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MORE THAN RIVALS… - Susannah Erwin
Heirs of Lochlainn , Book
Harlequin Desire #11A
ISBN: 978-1-335-45762-2
July 2023
Contemporary Series Romance

Lakes of Wonder, California – Present Day

CEO Ian Blackburn is in a bind. He wants to acquire the Lakes of Wonder theme park to regain a legacy that was partly built by his great-grandfather but lost years ago to the Lochlainn family. Ian is the CEO of his family’s rival theme park but is currently battling his evil stepfather for control of the company. He’s caught between wanting Lakes of Wonder and keeping his job as CEO. It’s Halloween and tomorrow Ian will meet with the Lakes of Wonder BOD, including the head of the decision team, a woman he has never met or heard of. He is at a party and was told Anna Stratford would be present. He wants to meet her ahead of tomorrow’s meeting. A beautiful blonde woman has caught his eye, but so far, Anna is nowhere to be found. Until someone points out that the blonde is Anna Stratford…

Anna is in a strange position. She was living happily in Florida until she got a knock on her door informing her that per a DNA test (one of those kits), it was determined that she is the granddaughter of Keith Lochlainn. Anna’s father was the late son of Keith, and he donated his sperm to a sperm bank. Now, to claim her inheritance, she must complete the sale of the theme park. As she walks around the party, she feels out of place until Ian catches her attention. She knows him only by his first name, and an immediate attraction sizzles between them. After a night together, she leaves his room the next morning to get ready for her meeting—only to learn at the meeting that Ian is the head of the company she has to deal with. How…awkward. 

Anna feels as though she is in an untenable position in MORE THAN RIVALS… Her birth father was due to a sperm donation, something her parents didn’t tell her. Her grandfather seems to be putting tough conditions on her so that she can be an heir. At this point, she is the only heir. No one at Lakes of Wonder appears to take her seriously, but she wants to do a good job. However, sleeping with the enemy is not the best way to go about it. Was Ian trying to entrap her into agreeing to his company’s proposal? He insists his intentions were honorable, but he did know who she was that night. Meanwhile, their attraction for each other grows.

Things move kind of slowly in MORE THAN RIVALS… as Anna and Ian dance around each other. He doesn’t know her background at first, and she certainly doesn’t understand the pressure that he’s under. Yet, they are continually drawn to each other like a moth to a flame. Can Anna and Ian get what they want—and each other? Don’t miss the answer to those questions by picking up a copy of MORE THAN RIVALS…

Patti Fischer

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