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Heirs of Lochlainn , Book 2
Harlequin Desire #11B
ISBN: 978-1-335-45762-2
July 2023
Contemporary Series Romance

New York City – Present Day

Journalists Declan Treharne and Mara Schuyler have a history together, one that ended seven years ago when he walked out on her as they were graduating from college. Now a television reporter, Mara is stunned to see Declan one day while she is doing interviews. He informs her that he has an offer for her, one that would pay her more than her current job and bring her to the national stage. He wants her to join an upstart news streaming service called Lochlainn News Television. Of course, Declan is head of it, at least for the start-up. It’s an offer Mara can’t resist, and she accepts. 

Being around Declan again stirs up the old attractions between them. But Mara can’t forget that he dumped her, though he insists that he is sorry for what he did. One of the requirements of their promoting LNT is that they attend high society parties together. When Mara catches the eye of a smarmy jet setter, Declan suggests that they pretend to be dating. Of course, this means kissing in front of people to make it appear real, and this leads to a deeper attraction. But Declan is not being truthful with Mara as to why he’s involved with LNT. Turns out he was conceived via a sperm donation by Keith Lochlainn’s late son. He’s doing the startup to impress his grandfather and get in line to be acknowledged as a family member. 

Declan appears to be carrying some guilt when it comes to Mara. In SEVEN YEARS OF SECRETS, he tries to atone for it by offering her a job at LNT. Even as Declan tries to apologize to Mara for taking a lead she had uncovered and using it as his own, she seems to brush it aside. What she can’t get over is his ghosting her after they became lovers. Declan at that time had recently learned that he was the son of Jamie Lochlainn and the grandson of Keith Lochlainn. Jamie was an acclaimed journalist and is presumed dead. Declan has yet to meet Keith, but the old man indicates he is interested in making him the heir to his empire. This means getting LNT off the ground. As Declan itches to leave management and get back to reporting, he is torn about what to do. Leaving before the job is over also means leaving Mara. 

Mara tries to keep Declan at arm’s length because she doesn’t want to fall under his spell once again. Of course, the man is way too irresistible. Meanwhile, she is intrigued by some previously unknown paintings by a master painter. How did the paintings suddenly become discovered? By the end of SEVEN YEARS OF SECRETS, Declan’s decision whether to stay or leave will be decided, as well as the mystery of the paintings. 

An intriguing tale about reunited lovers and righting the wrongs from the past, don’t miss SEVEN YEARS OF SECRETS.

Patti Fischer

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