BIG SHOT – Katy Evans
Harlequin Desire #2677
ISBN: 978-1-335-60379-1
August 2019
Contemporary Series Romance

Chicago, Illinois – Present Day

India Crowley has worked for billionaire businessman William Walker for a couple of years and hates her boss. He is one of the most insufferable people she's ever worked for. She hates coming into work, but it pays the bills, though India would rather be a bestselling romance novelist, something she's currently working on becoming. One day, she oversleeps and is late to work. When she arrives, William lights into her and India makes a fateful decision to quit right there—and walks out on him. But soon he's on her doorstep wanting her back. Will she agree?

William is a workaholic and his life is the company. However, India has his nerves on edge, though he can't understand why. He's stunned when she quits, but that is pushed aside with a more pressing need: his brother and sister-in-law need him to be an emergency babysitter for a few days. William loves his baby niece and would do anything for her…but take care of her? He has a job to do and will need an assistant. Who can he trust to come to his house during this time? India is his first—and only—choice. Of course, William offers her big bucks to work for him—temporarily—and she agrees. But once they're working in close quarters at his house, the long-suppressed attraction between them heats up and bursts into flames of desire.

It turns out that their acrimonious relationship was due to the fact they were sexually attracted to each other. In BIG SHOT, the glass walls of the office at the company had kept them apart, but now they can't ignore each other in the close confines of his house. India thought William was a pompous jerk but working with him while he cares for his baby niece has her rethinking her opinion. As the days progress, they not only come to a mutual working relationship, but they begin to know each other better. The sexual chemistry between them sizzles, and it isn't long before they're exchanging heated kisses. But is it just lust—or something more?

William feels unappreciated by his family even as he works long hours. Working has become his life. Yet his brother and sister-in-law trusted him enough to leave their baby with him. India has dreams of publishing a book and is currently writing a novel and working as a freelance magazine writer, a job she obtained after she quit. William has always infuriated her, but hate is soon turning to something deeper…love. 

BIG SHOT is told from both India's and William's point of view, so readers get to see what they're thinking and feeling. It takes a while for them to realize how important they are to each other, but will they end up finding a future together? Find out the answer in the sizzling hot BIG SHOT.

Patti Fischer