BOSS – Katy Evans
Harlequin Desire #2648
ISBN: 978-1-335-60350-0
March 2019
Contemporary Series Romance

Chicago, Illinois – Present Day

Alexandra “Alex” Croft enjoys (and is good at) her job at Cupid's Arrow, where her unit is in the midst of developing a dating app. One day her boss, Alastair Walker, walks in with his youngest son, Kit, and announces that he's retiring, and Kit will take over as head of the company—with Alex's help. Kit is really good looking and is known to be a player—the kind of man Alex detests. Alastair pulls her aside and asks that she report to him as to how his son is doing. She figures from what she's seen of Kit that it won't be good news. However, there's something that she didn't count on: she's attracted to Kit. While Alex tries to avoid situations where she's alone with Kit outside the office, one thing leads to another, and soon a mutual (and sizzling) attraction develops between them. Will they act upon it?

One of the oldest tropes in romance fiction is the boss/employee one, and in BOSS, it could be the end of Alex's job if she gives in to Kit. Her main focus has been developing the dating app and it's almost ready to go “live.” At first, Kit is critical of some parts of the app, which leaves Alex bristling at his comments. Why does he, someone who hasn't spent one-minute working at the company, think he knows what is right or wrong with their newest product? Needless to say, Kit and Alex are immediately at odds, even as there is a sizzling awareness of the sexual kind between them. She tries to keep things business-like, but after getting drunk (something she rarely does) at his party, she wakes up the next morning in his bed. No, nothing happened between them but spending personal time with Kit has Alex seeing him in a different light.

One thing to mention about BOSS is that it is told in the first person by Alex, which is something rarely done in a Harlequin Desire. This tale also marks Katy Evans debut with the line, though she is a prolific author that has released books elsewhere. BOSS is the first book in a series per her website at . Next up: Kit's older brother, William, who makes a brief appearance near the end of BOSS.

Once Alex and Kit give into their passion for each other, their lust is nearly insatiable. While they try to keep their affair outside the office, it's business as usual in the boardroom. Will something happen to push them apart? BOSS is a sizzling hot tale of what happens when Alex unexpectedly finds herself falling heads over heels in love with her boss. Will their affair lead to a happily-ever-after? Find out in BOSS.

Patti Fischer