A Sanctuary Island Novel , Book 3
St. Martin's Press
ISBN-13: 978-1-250-01838-0
March 2015
Contemporary Romance

Sanctuary Island, off the Coast of North Carolina Present Day

Sheriff Andie Shepherd loves her new home and her job on Sanctuary Island.  She gets along by following the rules, which means following the law to the letter, no exceptions.  So, when bad boy horse whisperer Sam Brennan returns to the island accompanied by his newest acquisition, a beautiful and skittish mare, Andie fights the sizzling attraction that pops between her and Sam.  Instinctively, Andie knows that Sam is trouble, but she can't resist him.

San Brennan is all too aware of the pretty sheriff and her charms.  He would love nothing more than to take this woman in his arms and kiss her senseless, but that would only be inviting trouble.  Andie doesn't need to be burdened with Sam; he and his past are way too heavy for her law abiding ways.  Sam has too many secrets to hide, and if he gets too close to Andie, the things he's hiding just might come spilling out for everyone to see.  He can't take that chance.

Sam keeps his distance until the day Andie shows up at Jo Ellen's ranch with a child in tow.  Sam immediately recognizes a kindred spirit in ten-year old Caitlin's eyes.  The child is scared, and Sam sees the same fear in her eyes that he sees in the horses he rehabilitates, that feeling of insecurity he used to have when he grew up in foster care.  Andie only just met Caitlin less than twelve hours ago.  After an overseas call from her brother, Owen, where he spilled out a heartbreaking story about the daughter he never knew about turned Andie's world upside down.  Caitlin's mother died, and Owen is her only living relative.  Owen can't leave his job, so he turns to his sister Andie for help.  Andie hasn't seen her brother for years, but now she suddenly finds herself caring for his child.

Welcome back to Sanctuary Island!  HEARTBREAK COVE, the third novel about this magical and healing place, brings us a heartwarming story of three people all in need of the healing power of love.  Andie fled her home and her job on the mainland after the man she loved turned out to be a criminal.  And Sam is running as well, in more ways than one, hiding from the authorities on Sanctuary Island.  He can't let himself give into his attraction for the sheriff; it would hurt both of them, especially now that Andie is running for re-election.

HEARTBREAK COVE stands alone as its own story, but for the full scope of Sanctuary Island's healing powers, you should check out the two previous books, SANCTUARY ISLAND (August 2013), and SHORELINE DRIVE (February 2014).  Secondary characters, Jo Ellen Preston, Taylor McNamara, and veterinarian Ben Faulkner are among the returning personalities who populate the pages, along with crotchety old millionaire Dabney Leeds and Andie's dispatcher, the sassy and retro Ivy.

Andie and Sam have a long way to go to overcome their troubles, all the while helping Caitlin learn to fit into a new way of life.  Join everyone on Sanctuary Island inside the pages of HEARTBREAK COVE. It's a winner!

Diana Risso