St. Martin's Griffin
ISBN: 978-1-250-05495-1
October 2014
Erotic Romantic Suspense

New York - Present Day

The highlight of Lucy Delacourt's temp job is seeing the sexy stranger on the elevator every morning, until the day she ends up alone with him, and he seduces her.  Though a bit mortified by her wanton behavior, Lucy needs the job, so she returns the next day and has her life changed forever.  The sexy stranger is none other than Jeremiah Hamilton, the CEO of the company, and with her temp job ending, he offers her a proposition: become his personal assistant.  With little choice financially, Lucy agrees and finds herself whisked off to Paris.

Life is not as easy as one may think for the billionaire CEO, as Lucy finds out on their trip.  His brother, Lucas, had been the son groomed for the family business, only to have Jeremiah inherit after their father's death.  Ousted from the company, Lucas's current line of work is not quite legal, and to say the brothers are at odds would be an understatement.  Unexpectedly, Lucy finds herself in the middle of their little war, but it quickly becomes apparent that there's more than the sibling rivalry that is a problem; other people are out to get Jeremiah and Lucas as well, and Lucy will be caught in the crossfire.

First released as e-serial novels, ANYTHING HE WANTS & CASTAWAY brings the novel together in one edition, adding in the sequel.  Though they are two separate books, I've written the review as if it were one, because in some ways it feels like one complete novel, and to write in detail about what happens in the second book would give away spoilers about the first.

Her parents' deaths revealed the debt they owed, and Lucy spent years trying to save her family home, only to lose it in the end.  She's been staying with a friend trying to get out from under her debts, but this situation can't last much longer, and losing her temp job just may finish her off.  She feels she has little choice about accepting Jeremiah's offer, yet while she's not happy about the way this has come about, she can't deny that she wants the man.  The danger and intrigue that suddenly are a part of Lucy's life are something she could live without, and yet this makes her feel closer to Jeremiah.

A steamy erotic read with plenty of action both inside and outside the bedroom, ANYTHING HE WANTS & CASTAWAY will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Jennifer Bishop