SHADOW REAPER - Christine Feehan
Shadow , Book 2
Jove Books
ISBN: 978-0-399-58395-7
May 2017
Paranormal Romance

Chicago, Illinois - Present Day

Ricco Ferraro is ever- vigilant in his protection of his family, and he has more reason to be than they are aware of.  However, he is also the most reckless of the brothers, and when he almost dies after his car crashes during a race, he decides to make a few changes.  He intends to concentrate his time on Shibari – the Japanese art of rope bondage – but he needs to find the perfect model.  After rounds of interviews, Ricco had given up hope when a late candidate arrives.  Not only is she beautiful, but their shadows connect and Ricco knows that she is the “one” – the woman made for him.  And, most likely the woman sent to kill him.

After her mother abandoned her and her brother, Mariko Majo ended up living with one of the council families in Japan, and hasn't had an easy life.  Her family's dishonor has been a burden she's borne since she was a child, but her skills as a shadow rider have ensured that she is trained. Her latest mission is one she's struggling with – she's supposed to kill Ricco Ferraro, but killing a fellow rider is forbidden.  The attraction she feels for him is surprising, and even after only a short time with him, Mariko knows she can't kill him.  But will he be able to forgive her when he learns the truth, or is she quickly falling for someone who will never love her back?

Ricco's past comes back to haunt him as he'd always known it would in SHADOW REAPER.  During their childhoods, the Ferraro siblings trained with other families, and when Ricco came back from Japan, they all knew something had changed him.  Ricco has kept that secret ever since, but has trained harder than any of them.  Mariko's arrival in his life means he has to explain everything to Stefano, his older brother who is head of the family, as well as the rest of the Ferraros.  Mariko grew up with a woman who seemed to hate her, ashamed of the dishonor of her family and her mother's less than savory reputation.  Ricco is the first person in her life to look at her as if she is worth something, and he helps her to see herself as a beautiful, capable woman.  But someone is after Ricco and his family, and Mariko will have to choose a side.

The second book in the Shadow series gives readers a chance to return to the Ferraro family.  Able to travel through the tubes hidden in the shadows, it is the duty of the shadow riders to dispense justice to those the law can't touch.  The Chicago branch of the family includes Stefano and Francesca (SHADOW RIDER, book 1); Ricco, Taviano, Giovanni, Vittorio and Emmanuelle, as well as cousins who serve as bodyguards.  They are also well loved in their community, because they protect the people who live in their neighborhood.  While it is helpful to have read the first book in order to understand the mission the Ferraros have undertaken, the story really revolves around Mariko and Ricco.

An exciting story that will keep you on the edge of your seat, don't miss SHADOW REAPER.

Jennifer Bishop