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ISBN: 978-1250836526
October 31, 2023
Contemporary Fiction

Pitt’s Corner, Oregon – Present Day

Imogen Finch has just been through her seventeenth breakup, and she wonders if she will ever find forever love. Is it her, or is it them? Her mother, who is somewhat of a clairvoyant, is always predicting things like the end of one of Imogen’s romances. Imogen’s dream is to work as an artist, but her degree went nowhere after her mother’s medical issues forced her to return to Pitt’s Corner, a small town on the coast of Oregon. Imogen works several part-time jobs to make ends meet and her best friend is Franny. Of course, her other best friend is the one she still longs for after years of his being away. Eliot Swift was her secret crush, but he left town when he turned eighteen. His parents own the big house along the beach that is only occupied occasionally. But then Eliot’s father dies in the house and Imogen wonders if Eliot will return for the funeral.

Eliot indeed arrives in Pitt’s Corner. He didn’t get along with his parents and rejected a relationship with them to travel and hike throughout the world. He has a popular video channel where he uploads videos of his adventures and Imogen has been following them. The arrival of Eliot surprises her and excites her. They will finally get caught up about what the other has done in the past ten years. But being around Eliot reminds Imogen that she’s never stopped loving him. 

As the two navigate Eliot’s return to town, they spend lots of time together. Imogen wants to be there for him and get him through the funeral, though he has no love for his parents. They had expectations of him that he wanted no part of. He loves traveling and being free. Imogen tells Eliot about the seventeen broken romances and that she wonders if she is not meant to find love. But it soon becomes clear that Eliot has feelings for Imogen, just as she does for him. Can they come together and plan a future together? Or will he leave—again—leaving her with a broken heart?

Franny plays a small part in the group as she mostly provides Imogen with encouragement. THE PREDICTABLE HEARTBREAKS OF IMOGEN FINCH is told solely in the first-person view of Imogen, so we don’t get to hear Eliot’s inner thoughts. She respects his desire to be free and unencumbered. But Imogen has to stay in Pitt’s Corner due to her mother’s issues. Meanwhile, she dreams of using her artistic skills and spreading her wings. With Eliot by her side, she begins to see her luck change. Will this mean her bad luck at romance can change too? What about the growing feelings between Eliot and Imogen?

 THE PREDICTABLE HEARTBREAKS OF IMOGEN FINCH starts off taking place over a week’s time. It starts with the death of Eliot’s father and his arrival in town. Days and evenings are spent by Imogen and Eliot getting to know each other again. As the day of the funeral arrives, it changes a lot for Eliot—and for Imogen. Promises to keep in touch are made, but will that happen? A journey of finding hope and happiness, don’t miss this emotional tale. 

Patti Fischer

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