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Last Ride, Texas series
ISBN: 978-1335623997
March 7, 2023
Contemporary Romance

Last Ride, Texas – Present Day

The last thing bull rider Dax Buchanan expects is to learn that he may have fathered an infant that was adopted by single mom Lorelei Parkman. But here is Lorelei on his doorstep with a photo of the tattoo on his backside that was supposedly taken by the baby’s now deceased mother. Yeah, that is his tattoo, but is the baby his? A quick paternity result shows the little girl is his but then a hornet’s nest is ripped open after it turns out that the woman who called herself Dana is really Valerie—and she has parents and a husband, all of whom want to lay claim to the baby. But Lorelei can’t bear to give up the baby she has loved since its birth. 

Meanwhile, Dax is coming to terms with the fact that he’s a father. He faintly remembers meeting Dana/Valerie at a bull riding event, and they had a one-night stand. The woman later moved to Last Ride in the late stages of her pregnancy but never contacted Dax. Unfortunately, she died shortly after giving birth. He knows that Lorelei loves the baby and is a good mother, but what about the grandparents? What about the husband who insists that not only is the baby his, but he wants full custody of her? Dax and Lorelei join forces to retain custody of the baby and are soon fighting an attraction for each other. Will they end up being more than just good friends?

Dax becomes an unexpected father in A TEXAS KIND OF COWBOY, while Lorelei struggles with the idea of losing the beloved baby she adopted. It’s hard to imagine that a tiny child is at the center of so much drama. Dax admits that he did a lot of one-night stands but this is the first time he has ever been accused of being a baby daddy. Why didn’t Dana/Valerie contact him when she moved to Last Ride? For that matter, why was she using an assumed name? Could it be related to why she left her husband? The grandparents want the baby as a reminder of their only child. But are there other reasons why these people want the baby? Is the law on Lorelei’s side as the adoption is final, or will she have to give up the baby? Even though one paternity test says Dax is the father, the husband is insisting that a new one be done.

Lorelei is a few years older than Dax and has watched from afar as he has broken the hearts of women who want him to put a ring on their finger. Since he will be on the rodeo circuit due to being a top bull rider, can he be a full-time daddy? The growing friendship between Lorelei and Dax shows that they might be able to reach a mutual agreement, but first, they must deal with the outside forces. As they grow closer, will love soon enter their relationship?

An emotionally satisfying tale that is heartwarming, readers will fall in love with Lorelei, Dax, and the baby they both care for. Don’t miss A TEXAS KIND OF COWBOY.

Patti Fischer

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