ALL FIRED UP Lori Foster
Road to Love , Book 3
HQN Books
ISBN: 978-1-335-50507-1
November 19, 2019
Contemporary Romance

Red Oak, Ohio Present Day

Mitch Crews arrives in town to meet the two half-brothers he's never met, Brodie and Jack, and soon encounters Charlotte Parrish, who works for them. Mitch is intrigued by Charlotte, but he figures she'd never look twice at him because he's an ex-con without either steady employment or a home. However, he can't stop running into her since he's trying to get to know his half-brothers. Then, the trouble that has followed him most of his life tracks him to Red Oak. Mitch doesn't want to endanger anyone, but Brodie and Jack insist that they're there for him too. Will he accept that he needs their help?

Charlotte is attracted to the ruggedly handsome Mitch. She doesn't have much experience with men, but she knows he is the one she'd just about do anything with, despite his bad boy vibes. Or, maybe because of that. Charlotte has a smart and sassy mouth on her and it continually attracts Mitch. As they spar, the sparks fly hot and heavy. Will it lead to a romp between the bed covers? What about the man who has been chasing down Mitch? Will his presence in town bring danger to Charlotte?

The first two books in the Road to Love series by Lori Foster featured Brodie Crews (DRIVEN TO DISTRACTION) and his brother, Jack (SLOW RIDE). Now readers meet their mysterious half-brother, Mitch, whom they have never met. Mitch's life growing up was not pleasant, what with a drug addicted mother who eventually died as a result of an overdose and a father who went in and out of his life. Mitch ended up in prison for a few years but is now out and on the road to a law-abiding life. But it hasn't been easy and he finally wants to meet Brodie and Jack. How will the brothers get along? The moment Mitch meets Charlotte, he's hooked on her, but she has to be off limits, right? Why would someone as good as Charlotte want to get involved with an ex-con?

Mitch and Charlotte not only banter back and forth in ALL FIRED UP, but they also spend a lot of time working on getting to know each other. Even as they tell themselves that things could never work between them, the more it's harder to stay away. Their chemistry pops and sizzles right off the pages of the book. Readers will be rooting for them to make it all work out. But will the bad man from Mitch's past destroy any chance of happiness?

ALL FIRED UP has plenty to offer readers of contemporary romance. There is action, suspense, and some hot sex scenes. There is the small town feel of Red Oak, and maybe the most important thing: family and loyalty. Just because the Crews brothers all didn't grow up together, it doesn't stop them from being a family. They prove loyal to each other as they build trust. Into the mix comes Charlotte, who may hold the key to Mitch's future living in the same town as his brothers. Will they find love and happiness together? Find out the answer in the engaging and sexy ALL FIRED UP.

Patti Fischer