Road to Love,  Book 1
ISBN: 978-1-335-04111-1
November 2018
Contemporary Romance

Ohio – Present Day

Mary Daniels works for a wealthy elderly man helping him to acquire rare artifacts. Her job is to accompany the hired driver and protect the artifacts. After their normal driver moves away, Mary is tasked with contacting Brodie Crews to hire him for the next assignment. Brodie is a sexy, attractive man, just the type she normally can't stand. She really doesn't want to spend hours in a car alone with him on this assignment, but she has no choice. Brodie makes it clear that he wants Mary, and she's not sure how long she can resist him.

Brodie needs the money to help infuse cash into his family's auto body business but the main reason he agrees to the job for Mary's boss is the chance to work with her. The moment Brodie set his eyes on Mary, he was hooked on the sexy redhead.  She's determined to keep their relationship businesslike, but he's not going to stop tempting her. After their assignment ends with them ambushed and nearly killed, Brodie steps in to protect Mary. He needs to find out exactly what they're transporting (it was wrapped up) and why someone is desperate enough to kill them for it. Will the time spent protecting Mary give Brodie the chance to woo her into his bed?

Lori Foster begins her latest series,  Road to Love , with DRIVEN TO DISTRACTION, a tale about a couple who spend hours alone on the road in his Ford Mustang. Mary's first impression of Brodie was that he was a man who slept with any woman he wanted and she was determined not to be his latest. After all, she was raised by a mother who not only indiscriminately slept with any man but who didn't bother to hide it from her only child. Brodie has to admit he takes what he wants when it comes to women, but once he meets Mary, it is only she that he focuses on. Brodie is laidback and laconic, while Mary is straight-laced and follows the rules. They're worlds apart in how they walk through life. How can they be attracted to each other?

Mary pretty much knows what she is transporting for her boss. It's legal…sort of. But she likes the money the job pays and doesn't question her boss's orders. She thinks Brodie should do the same and just take the ample money he's paid. Their relationship is contentious at first, but once they're ambushed and shot at, they become a team of them vs the bad guys. Brodie uses the time to keep Mary protected in order to get to know her. His life is an open book, but she rarely talks about hers. She still can't get past the idea that he's only being helpful to her because he wants to get her into his bed. But the harder she resists, the easier it becomes to just let things happen between them. Meanwhile, their job assignment could turn into a deadly one…for them.

Who doesn't love a sexy bad boy? Especially when it's a story penned by Lori Foster. Will it be Mary who tames the bad boy Brodie? Will they find out who is after the rare artifacts they're transporting? Find out in the sizzling and entertaining DRIVEN TO DISTRACTION.

Patti Fischer