SLOW RIDE – Lori Foster
Road to Love , Book 2
ISBN: 978-1-335-50494-4
March 2019
Contemporary Romance

Ohio – Present Day

Ronnie Ashford prefers to work alone as an artifacts collector, but her employers insist that she hire Jack Crews to help her. Her plan is to offer him the job and make it so unappealing that he'll turn her down. The night before she's to meet Jack, Ronnie enters a bar where she meets a stranger and they hit it off. Just as she's about to invite him back to her room for a night of meaningless sex, he tells her his name: Jack Crews. No way is she going to sleep with him now. But Jack is intrigued by Ronnie. Will he end up taking the job—and tormenting her the whole time?

Jack will do whatever it takes to make love to Ronnie. She's fiery and passionate—so surely she's this way in bed? Her job as an artifacts collector also intrigues him because the objects that she gets at the direction of her employers are decidedly macabre and bizarre. So, Jack agrees to help her, even if she doesn't want him along. However, when the assignment turns dangerous, it's a good thing Jack is around, though Ronnie is more than capable of taking on foes. What is it about the job that is making a seemingly mundane task suddenly treacherous?

Ronnie and Jack never expected that they'd need each other as SLOW RIDE opens. Ronnie is a loner who likes working solo. Jack is surrounded by his loving—even if they're somewhat unorthodox—family. Readers who've read DRIVEN TO DISTRACTION, the first book in the  Road to Love  series by Lori Foster, will remember Jack as the brother of the hero. Jack works alongside his brother, Brodie, at their autobody shop. To help supplement their income, they take on driving assignments. The moment Jack encounters Ronnie in the bar, he wants her. But she is as prickly as a porcupine and refuses to divulge too much about herself. Little by little, he finally learns enough that he is soon more than attracted to her. When danger begins to stalk her, it's Jack to the rescue.

Ronnie once had the perfect family life, but her world came crashing down at age eighteen when her life shattered. Since then, she's been on her own and working as an artifacts collector—alone—and it's the perfect job. Despite Ronnie making it clear to Jack that she's not interested, he's glued to her side. But once they are ambushed at the site of the pick-up, she's glad he's there. Is Ronnie the target or is it about what she's trying to buy for her employers? As Jack and Ronnie try to figure out what's going on, they have to make sure they don't get killed. Meanwhile, their sizzling attraction can't be denied and they're soon hitting the sheets. But Ronnie isn't into commitments. Can Jack make her change her mind?

SLOW RIDE is an entertaining tale from beginning to end. There is a slow burning attraction between Ronnie and Jack right from the start. Add in the suspense of why they're being targeted for what appears to be some nefarious reason and SLOW RIDE becomes the perfect blend of romance and mystery. Don't miss putting this enjoyable tale at the top of your book shopping list today.

Patti Fischer