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The Osborn Brothers , Book 1
ISBN: 978-1-335-50637-5
February 21, 2023
Romantic Suspense

Triple Creek, Colorado – Present Day

After a traumatic experience that had him accused of a crime he didn’t commit, Hunter Osborn has built a fortress out in the woods and prefers to be alone except for his beloved dog. But one day, someone moves into the tiny rundown house not far from his. He goes to investigate and encounters Jodi Bentley, a woman who makes it clear that she is tough and doesn’t want to be bothered by people like Hunter. But he wants to be neighborly, plus he has to admit that he’s intrigued, and makes it a point to introduce himself. Turns out Jodi is new to town and owns a landscaping business. Jodi is cautious about what she tells Hunter, and he can’t help but notice her security needs upgrading. Jodi informs him that her security will be taken care of and that he doesn’t need to worry. But when strangers show up at her house while she’s not there and it appears they want something from inside her house, it is only fitting that Hunter helps her to find out why. After, what are neighbors for…

Hunter and Jodi both have reasons to be careful of people and the surroundings around them. Hunter used to be a park ranger but after an incident that left him falsely accused of murder and only freed after the witness finally woke up from her coma to tell authorities the truth, he was ready to leave the job. He has holed himself up on several acres outside Triple Creek, a small town seemingly insulated from crime. However, as Hunter and Jodi soon discover in THE DANGEROUS ONE, looks can be deceiving. Jodi doesn’t take flak from anyone, but after a man gives her trouble, she responds by dressing him down with her words—and the gun she always carries. She soon attracts the attention of a local by the name of Russell King. He uses another man, Remmy, to try and get her hired to take care of King’s massive estate. However, Hunter feels uneasy about the offer. Can he convince Jodi to tell the man, no?

Jodi is as tough as they come after rough teenage years spent being held by a sex trafficker against her will. She has seen just about everything , but at the same time, she has fought against the hell she experienced and started a new life. Living in Triple Creek was supposed to take her away from the danger, but maybe she has now walked right into another one. Especially since Russell King seems determined to have her work for him. Turns out, he wants what is in Jodi’s little cabin. He will have to go through her to get what he wants. Readers should be betting on Jodi and Hunter to win the battle. 

Meanwhile, Jodi and Hunter work on getting to know each other. It’s going to be a bit of a slow process because they both have issues trusting people they barely know. But being neighborly and all, they soon are enjoying meals—and plenty of time—together. In THE DANGEROUS ONE, Hunter and Jodi will slowly begin to appreciate and trust each other. And when Russell King starts to make his move on Jodi, she knows that Hunter will be right beside her. There’s plenty of action and danger that comes for them, but they will meet it head-on. 

An action-packed and suspenseful tale, readers will be wondering what Russell King is after in THE DANGEROUS ONE. But Jodi and Hunter plan to stop him before he gets what he wants—or before he kills another person. Don’t miss the scintillating drama—and even fun—in THE DANGEROUS ONE.

Patti Fischer

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