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Canary Street Press
ISBN: ‎ 978-1-335-50638-2
May 9, 2023
Contemporary Romance

Cemetery, Indiana – Present Day

After a painful divorce, Emily Lucretia has sworn off men as she concentrates on running her flower shop. While attending (and providing flowers for) the wedding of friends, local restaurant owner Saul Culver starts talking to her. He is pleasant and appears interested in her. Emily enjoys talking to him, but at this point, she wants to keep their relationship strictly being friends. Deep down, though, she finds him attractive too. While Emily struggles with the idea of dating Saul, a covert campaign has started on the town’s social media pages. Emily is being labeled the #TheFlowerLady and someone is not only reporting on her interactions with Saul but taking—and posting—pictures of them together. Will it bring them together?

Saul feels like he is the luckiest man alive in getting a chance to be with Emily. She has been shy all the time she has been in Cemetery and now he’s helping her out after her beloved uncle ends up in the hospital and she rushes to her aunt and uncle’s side. Saul and Emily’s relationship develops slowly, but by the end of THE LITTLE FLOWER SHOP, he will hopefully have more than just friendship with her. Saul is good to Emily, which is something she needs after being mistreated by her ex. Soon, Saul has the entire town rallying behind him to be Emily’s Mr. Right. 

Also in THE LITTLE FLOWER SHOP is the secondary plot of the romance between Saul’s newly hired manager, Mila, and Emily’s trusted employee (and friend), Gentry. Love runs amok in Cemetery, a town with such a ghastly name but one filled with people who care and help each other. 

THE LITTLE FLOWER SHOP is a heartwarming tale that hits all the right notes. There are likable characters with issues from their past that have shaped their present. For Emily, her aunt and uncle helped her after she lost her parents, so she will do anything for them. Even dropped everything to be at their side in their time of need. Saul inherited the restaurant, a BBQ joint, and has continued to build its reputation and customer base. While he is busy, he still finds time for Emily. Mila is a new but valued employee who isn’t afraid to work. Gentry came from a rough childhood. He and Emily have built a trust that goes beyond that of employer/employee. 

THE LITTLE FLOWER SHOP is related to THE HONEYMOON COTTAGE and anyone who has read that tale will recognize a few characters from that book, namely Betty Cemetery. Betty is part of the town’s founding family and a bit of a busybody, though people mostly think she’s a pain in the rear. But in this tale, Betty has taken a liking to Emily and helps push the romance with Saul. She provides several chuckle-worthy scenes for readers. 

By the end of THE LITTLE FLOWER SHOP, readers will be smiling and enjoying the coupling of Emily and Saul, plus Gentry and Mila. Add in a couple of pets, and we’re set for some fun and entertaining reading.

Patti Fischer

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