ISBN:  978-1-335-01338-5
May 19, 2020
Contemporary Romance

Sunset, Kentucky Present Day

Autumn and Ember Somerset are as close as sisters can be, even sharing a house together on the animal rescue farm they run. One day, Autumn learns that her old high school crush, Tash Ducker, has returned to town after being gone for years. Autumn does home renovation work in order to help support the animal rescue and is surprised to learn that Tash is wanting to employ her. Arriving at his house, she meets his little girl, Sadie. Is he married? Turns out Sadie's mother is dead, and Tash has returned to Sunset to raise his daughter and start over. Sadie is an inquisitive little girl who tugs at Autumn's heartstrings. Of course, Tash is pretty darn good to look at also. 

Meanwhile, Ember, who had gone through a personal tragedy a year ago, finally admits that she likes their farm helper, Mike, a lot. More than just as an employee. However, Mike is one of those laidback dudes who is always quick-witted and knows how to turn on the charm. No doubt Mike would hit the sack with Ember, but would it only be a fling for him? Her heartbreak of a year ago still causes hurt inside her. Can Ember allow herself to get closer to Mike?

THE SOMERSET GIRLS are not looking for love, but they soon find themselves falling for the men in their lives. For too long, Autumn and Ember have relied on each other, with their lives firmly entangled in each other's. Ember is pushing Autumn to see where things go with Tash, but Sadie is part of the package deal. Can she be a stepmother? There are secrets between the two sisters, which has helped bring them closer together. Will either Autumn or Ember eventually share those secrets with the men in their lives? Autumn's ex-fiancé is back in town. She had broken things off with him after learning he was cheating on her. Now he wants her back. How does she feel about that?

A poignant tale of sisters who are more like best friends, THE SOMERSET GIRLS will have you falling for Autumn and Ember. They love each other and will do anything for each other. Their lives will soon dramatically change, but will the bond between sisters remain the same? For an emotion-packed story that I highly recommend, be sure to grab a copy of THE SOMERSET GIRLS.

Patti Fischer