ISBN: 978-1-335-45989-3
June 22, 2021
Contemporary Romance

Sunset, Kentucky Present Day

Veterinarian Ivey Anders has broken up with her do-nothing boyfriend and vows to not get involved in another relationship for the foreseeable future. But once she meets single father Corbin Meyer, she might be changing her tune. Corbin is a man who soon becomes a good friend, but one she also finds attractive. After her recent failed relationship, Ivey is treading carefully because of trust issues, but Corbin is soon breaking down her barriers. It helps that she is also drawn to his son, Justin. Corbin only recently learned about Justin and relocated to Sunset to help with the transition of being a parent to his son.

Ivey's assistant, Hope, is also wary of male relationships after nearly being raped by her sister's fiancé, and then having her parents blame her for what happened. Shortly after meeting Corbin and Justin, Corbin's brother, Lang, arrives in town to meet his new nephew. Lang is affable and fun to be around, and soon, Hope's defenses are drawn down. Meanwhile, a dog that Ivey rescued gives birth to several puppies. Justin is drawn to the mama dog and her puppies, providing a way to connect with the Meyer family. As Corbin and Ivey grow closer, will it turn into something more than a friendship? What about Ivey's vows to stay single instead of jumping into a new relationship?

After failing at relationships, Ivey planned to have a summer of no attachments but got derailed when she fell for Corbin. She is a busy vet and adores animals, so introducing Justin to a menagerie of animals is a good way to break the ice between a father and son who just discovered each other. Justin's mother didn't tell Corbin she was pregnant, and the only reason she contacted him now was that she is a drug addict and wanted to have fun without a child around. Ivey turns out to be a good influence on Justin, as it helps open up the channels of communication between father and son while bonding together around animals.

Hope is grateful for her friendship with Ivey since her family has turned their back on her. Meeting Lang, Hope is intrigued by him, and it helps that he is not pushy when it comes to wanting to bed her. It is Hope who finally pushes their relationship further. Will it lead to the bedroom? Is there a future for them? As for Ivey, she begins to spend more and more time with Corbin and Justin. Is a ready-made family forming? When it comes time to admit she is in love with Corbin, will Ivey stall for more time?

THE SUMMER OF NO ATTACHMENTS is a great summer read for those who love a romance that leaves you feeling good inside. It has it all: romance, animals, and a child who will wrap you around his little finger. Readers know that everyone is probably headed for a happily-ever-after. Don't miss the tingly goodness of THE SUMMER OF NO ATTACHMENTS.

Patti Fischer