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Rustlers Creek, Book 3
ISBN: 978-0063135307
May 23, 2023
Contemporary Romance

Rustlers Creek, Montana – Present Day

Charlotte Wayne and Chance Beaumont have always had a contentious relationship since they were children in school, and it’s continued into adulthood as they occasionally run into each other in town. While out of town trying to woo a new client for her PR company, Charlotte is not having success and walks away from one of the clients after he suggests that she should “be nice to him” if she wants the contract. Before she leaves the restaurant, she runs into Chance, who happens to be in town on business. He invites her for a drink, and one thing leads to another. But before they can make love, he is called back to his ranch. Charlotte can’t forget what happened. She liked it very much. 

Now back in Rustlers Creek, Charlotte is approached about organizing a local fundraiser, but with a caveat: Chance must be her co-organizer. Turns out that someone they briefly talked to while they were having drinks thought that Charlotte and Chance were now a couple. She could say no, but she jumps at the opportunity to get to know Chance better. And he feels the same way. It soon turns out that there is a mutual attraction brewing between them. 

Charlotte has had a tough time accepting that her father has groomed her older brother to be the family ranch’s heir. Her father can’t see that she is just as smart as her brother and as much a diligent worker. So, Charlotte has turned to building a PR business that collaborates with ranchers in Montana. She even offers Chance a few pointers. What she likes about him especially is that he sees her as his equal. So many men around the area think that Charlotte should just accept being the “little woman” and give up trying to be a business success. She plans to prove them wrong!

Life growing up wasn’t good for Chance. His father was a mean SOB who verbally abused him, but he stuck it out. Cancer finally took his father and Chance inherited the ranch, but it’s been a challenge with little money to help. All his life he was told by his father that he was a loser, so when Charlotte starts to show an interest in him, one can understand why he can’t accept her help. Yet, she has the kind of touch that soothes the wild beast in him, and Chance soon realizes he wants her, just like he did when they were younger. Can Chance deal with the pain from his past and look forward to a future with Charlotte?

They always rubbed the other wrong, but in ALWAYS HER COWBOY Charlotte and Chance find their way to each other. That one evening they spent together was special as they shared a lot about themselves and what has prevented them from achieving their life goals. In the end, Charlotte and Chance want to help each other. Will it lead to love…and a happily-ever-after? Of course, things are bumpy along the way. Don’t miss the sizzle and fun in ALWAYS HER COWBOY.

Patti Fischer

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