Blue Moon Harbor , Book 1
ISBN: 978-1420143249
August 2017
Contemporary Romance

Destiny Island, British Columbia – Present Day

Eden Blaine is a busy lawyer in Ottawa, but she takes time off work to search for her long-lost aunt on behalf of her cancer stricken mother. The last place Eden's aunt was known to be was on Destiny Island, so that is where she heads. She is met at the seaplane dock by an attractive pilot, Aaron Gabriel, who happens to also live on Destiny. After some flirty chatting, Eden agrees to use Aaron as a guide to help with her search. While the search for her aunt comes to one dead end after another, a romance is soon brewing for her with Aaron.

Aaron is used to going it alone after his mother died and he and his sister were raised by grandparents who really didn't want them. He's managed to buy the seaplane business from a mentor and enjoys the simple life on Destiny. The arrival of Eden has Aaron attracted to a woman like never before. She will only be on the island for a week and a temporary fling might be the thing to scratch the itch. But the days—and nights—spent together spark something he never expects: falling in love. The feelings are mutual between Aaron and Eden, but can there be anything more with her life in Ottawa and his in Destiny?

FLY AWAY WITH ME starts out with Aaron and Eden having an immediate attraction to each other but figuring it can only be a short-term fling due to their living so far apart. They try to cram as much time together as possible, but it never seems to be enough. Eden's family also lives in Ottawa, and she recently broke up with her long-term boyfriend. Her mother is recovering from breast cancer, but the family's emotions are still raw. Her mother wants to reconnect with her younger sister, but other than the woman being on Destiny nearly fifty years ago, there are no further clues. Nobody seems to know who or where she is now. While Eden is discouraged, the one thing that makes her happy is Aaron. But is that happiness fleeting since she'll be leaving soon?

Aaron has a younger sister who happens to be a single mother of her own. He helps his sister out when she needs it, but what he wants is for her and her daughter to return to Destiny Island and move in with him. Because of his responsibilities, he's never had a serious romance, but Eden is making him change his mind. His life is on Destiny, but could they date long distance, with either him eventually moving to Ottawa, or Eden returning to live on the island? Their path to finding a way to love is a rocky one, but readers will be cheering them on.

Does Eden find her aunt in the end? You'll have to read FLY AWAY WITH ME to find out. Once Eden is away from Destiny Island, will her attraction to Aaron be sustained? Can either be happy with the choices made? FLY AWAY WITH ME is the first book in the Blue Moon Harbor series, which will revolve around Destiny Island—a beautiful little oasis that will surely enchant readers.

Susan Fox creates two characters in Eden and Aaron who will tug at your heartstrings and show how important family is to them. Add in the scorching sensuality that lays bare their feelings and the decisions this couple need to go through before they can decide on their future together. FLY AWAY WITH ME is a beautiful journey of love and tenderness that will pull you in and make it hard to put down. Eden and Aaron are made for each other, but in the end, they'll have to fight to get their happily-ever-after.

Patti Fischer