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Hartmann Heirs , Book 4
Harlequin Desire #14B
ISBN: 978-1-335-45776-9
August 2023
Contemporary Series Romance

Bozeman, Montana – Present Day

August Quaid grew up being infamous as a bad boy. He was friends with the wealthy Hartmann family and one of the daughters, Evie, made it clear back when they were teens that she wanted to lose her virginity to him. However, August pushed her away and stayed far away from the temptation she provides. August is now a wealthy man in his own right and returns to his hometown, determined to try and fit in. He runs into Evie one night when she joins the men in a game called two truths and a lie. One of her three statements says that she is a virgin. August figures that is a lie because Evie is now an up-and-coming actress in Hollywood. No way can she still be a virgin. But she is about to prove him wrong—and wants him to take care of “her problem.” 

Evie is determined to get August to do what she asks. He tries to keep away from her, but that’s hard to do when he is buddies with her brothers and will be the best man to her maid of honor at one of the brothers' upcoming wedding. She tempts him as no other woman has done before. She wants marriage and children, and August can’t promise either to her. Meanwhile, Evie gets a chance at an audition for a movie. She must return to Hollywood to do it and August follows her. One thing leads to another, and soon he is giving in to her wish for him to make love to her. Yet, despite what happens between them, nothing has really changed. August is the bad boy, and no one will let him forget it. 

Evie circles around August like the temptress she is in BAD BOY GONE GOOD. She makes it clear that she wants him, while her family hopes she settles down with good guy Ben. August can’t shake the bad-boy rep despite his financial success. It doesn’t help that his father is in prison due to being the head of a meth ring. All he wants is to continue his success and be an upstanding citizen. Bedding Evie could hurt his friendship with the Hartmann brothers. But once they’ve had sex, August and Evie can’t stop thinking about each other. Will it lead to a chance for a future together?

A good girl tames a bad boy in the sizzling hot BAD BOY GONE GOOD. Don’t miss the fun by grabbing a copy.

Patti Fischer

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