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Hartmann Heirs , Book 3
Harlequin Desire #4B
ISBN: 978-1-335-45755-4
May 2023
Contemporary Series Romance

Bozeman, Montana – Present Day

Amelia “Mia” Hartmann is having a bad day. She is in the midst of a nasty divorce and has just met with her lawyer, who is advising her to settle by paying her soon-to-be ex five hundred thousand dollars. She has the money, but she doesn’t want her prominent and overbearing family to know how stupid she was to trust a man they didn’t like. While out driving, Mia runs her car into the back of another. She has already had several traffic tickets lately and knows that will just be another black mark against her by her family. But she comes across her twin sister’s driver’s license. Squeaky clean Evvie doesn’t have any traffic infractions, so Mia uses her sister’s driver’s license. While the cop is talking to the other driver, he shows it to him, which ends up with the traffic ticket torn up and Mia being introduced to the other driver—star NFL receiver Antone Williams. 

For most of FAKE DATING, TWIN STYLE Mia doesn’t let on to Antone that she is not Evvie. He thinks that she is her Hollywood star sister, and he wants to use her in his plans to open a distillery in Montana. Mia…er…Evvie…goes along with the plan because it intrigues her. Well, the man intrigues her even more, but she can’t think about that. However, a plan is concocted by him where the world thinks that Antone is dating Evvie, which will drum up interest in his distillery. Once it’s open, then they go their separate ways. To make the fake dating appear real, Antone moves into Mia’s living quarters. Will living together stir up the sexual chemistry between them?

Mia has to live with her lie for several weeks in this tale. She fears that if she tells Antone the truth that he will turn on her. She has slowly and surely fallen for the charismatic man she literally ran into. How will he react when he learns the truth? What helps Mia is that her sister, who is off on a yoga retreat in Washington state, goes along with the ruse. So do some of the people around Mia. Meanwhile, her ex is continuing to demand she generously settle with him. She doesn’t want to, but her attorney keeps saying it is a good deal. Will things get uglier if her ex learns about her lies to Antone?

FAKE DATING, TWIN STYLE is an interesting tale with two engaging and likable characters in Mia and Antone. She grew up in a privileged family who thinks she is a bit of a scatterbrain. Getting married to a money grabber like her ex only proves their case. Antone adores his foster mother. He came from nothing and succeeded due to his talent and determination. Will they make it to a happily ever after? Don’t miss FAKE DATING, TWIN STYLE.

Patti Fischer

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