INTO THE FIRE - Jeaniene Frost
A Night Prince Novel , Book 4
Avon Books
ISBN: 978-0-06-207640-3
March 2017
Paranormal Romance

Present Day

Finally defeating Vlad's lifelong enemy should have meant that Leila would finally get her happily ever after with the unofficial Prince of Darkness.  Instead, it revealed an even deadlier enemy the necromancer Mircea, who had earlier cast a spell that inadvertently binds him to Leila.  Any harm that comes to one will also be suffered by the other, so even if they find Mircea, they can't kill him without killing Leila.  Before they can find him however, Mircea is captured, and his captors learn that through his bond with Leila, they have a way to force Vlad into doing what they wish.

Since practicing magic is against Vampire Law, Leila and Vlad will need an assist to find Mircea, and, through Mencheres, they find an unlikely ally.  They'll also meet quite a few new people on their quest, and learn once again that not everything is as it seems.

The fourth and final book in the Night Prince series was a tough one to read.  This series spun off the Night Huntress series, and with INTO THE FIRE being the final book; my worry is that this will be the final goodbye to some fantastic characters and a brutal but fascinating world.  Vlad is first introduced in the Night Huntress series when Mencheres asks him to help Cat Crawfield (heroine of the Night Huntress series).  Fans were thrilled with the Night Prince series finally giving Vlad a second chance at love.  They've faced many challenges in their relationship, but Leila has definitely been able to open up the possibility of happily ever after for Vlad.  Of course, when you are known worldwide as The Impaler, your enemies are sure to be plentiful, and Leila and Vlad have to face one now that seems undefeatable.

It's probably best to read this series in order to see the journey Leila and Vlad have taken to get to where they are as well as to understand what is going on.  Vlad and Leila still have a few surprises in store for them that we learn thanks to some of the characters who cross over from the Night Huntress series.  While this brings the Night Prince series to a close, there were a few things left hanging that hopefully leave the door open to this world.  Well worth the wait, you won't want to miss INTO THE FIRE.

Jennifer Bishop