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WINTER MAGIC - Cynthia Gail
ASIN: B009WEFVLI Kindle Edition
BN ID: 2940015854640 NOOK Book
November 2012
Contemporary Romance eBook

Nashville, Tennessee - Present Day

Beth Sergeant recently opened Bella Vita Salon and Spa.  Jenny and Gina are her best friends and work with her at the spa.  When Nick Chester comes in looking for a spa gift, Beth shows him around.  She shows him the tranquility room and gives him a sample with music, running water, and a short face massage.  She can't help but feel an attraction to the handsome man.  Nick decides to give his ex-girlfriend a day at the spa for her birthday.  He had been dating Lauren Parker, one of the wealthiest women in town, and although he recently broke up with her, she is determined to win him back.  She is a spoiled, shallow, vindictive woman.

Jonathan, Nick's grandfather, is acquainted with Beth's parents.  Beth goes to a holiday party with her parents and runs into Nick.  The air between them sizzles with awareness.  He invites her to attend midnight mass with his family, and she accepts.  She wonders if he is really attracted to her or is just being polite, but later he asks her out to dinner and brings her flowers the following day.  Beth has never been so aware of a man, but she worries about taking him too seriously.  She had a few previous mishaps regarding men, and doesn't want to jump into a relationship too quickly.

Beth is interested in her community.  She and her friends stage a big Christmas party for children with food and gifts.  Nick sees the soft side of Beth and is very impressed with her caring attitude.

Someone is trying to stop Beth and Nick from finding true love by compromising her business.  Will the couple be able to overcome their problems and find happiness together?  Will misunderstandings stand in their way?

WINTER MAGIC has a lot of sexual tension and a hot romance.  Beth is a woman determined to make a success of her business, and Nick wants to protect her.  They are both attractive characters who care about their family and friends.  There are a few stumbles along the way to finding true love, but they are adults who can talk through their problems.  Secondary characters are Beth's two very special friends and Nick's grandfather, who all support Beth and Nick.

WINTER MAGIC has good dialogue and a compelling romance and a story that is both heart warming and magical.  Stave off the winter blues with WINTER MAGIC.

Editor's note: A print edition of this book will be out sometime next year.

Marilyn Heyman