Otherworld/ Sisters of the Moon , Book 16
ISBN: 978-0-515-15475-7
October 2014
Paranormal Romance

Seattle, Washington and the Realm of the Elder Fae - Present Day

The D'Artigo sisters had hoped for a relatively calm Yule, but of course that's not to be.  Trying to surprise the sisters by decorating the house, Vanzir and Rozurial use a spell that opens a portal to the Northlands in the living room, and all manner of creatures come spilling out. Before they can manage to deal with the portal, Camille is given a quest.  A visit on the Astral plane introduces Camille to Yvarr, a wyrm similar to the Titans for the Greeks, but an ancestor to the Dragons.  Yvarr had been imprisoned and put in stasis by the Great Fae Lords shortly after the Great Divide, and he is not only waking up, but looking for revenge.  The only being with the power to defeat Yvarr is the Merlin, also in stasis and hidden away in the Realm of the Elder Fae.  Camille sets out to find the Merlin with one of her husbands, Morio, her sister Delilah, and their new friend, Tanne.  Unfortunately, they will also be traveling with Morgaine, Arturo, Mordred and Bran all of whom Camille is on uneasy terms with.

The sixteenth book in the Otherworld/Sisters of the Moon series, PRIESTESS DREAMING once again shifts to the perspective of Camille D'Artigo, witch, Priestess of the Moon, and oldest of the D'Artigo sisters.  The sisters have been through some difficult times lately, having lost their father as well as many friends when a sentient storm swept through Elqaneve, destroying thousands of Fae.  They've also had some battles closer to their Earthside home, and Menolly (the youngest sister) lost her bar to a magical fire.  Along with the dangerous mission Camille herself will undertake, another husband, Trillian, will be searching the Shadow Lands for his lost blood-oath brother, a mission as dangerous as Camille's.

The peril-filled journey is only the tip of the iceberg for Camille, as Morgaine hints that Camille is a pawn in a game she is yet unaware of, and Camille begins to come to terms with the change the course of her life has taken.  Waking the Merlin and destroying Yvarr will have far reaching repercussions, but as Camille has started to understand, she doesn't always have a choice when it comes to protecting those she loves. PRIESTESS DREAMING is definitely an action-packed read.

Jennifer Bishop