LOST INNOCENCE – Jannine Gallant
Siren Cove Series , Book 2
ISBN: 978-1-5161-0376-8
July 2018
Contemporary Romance

Siren Cove, Oregon – Present Day

Artist Nina Hutton enjoys her quiet neighborhood… and her art.  Though her friends try to get her to open up to the possibility of dating, Nina is not ready, even five years after the death of her fiancé.  The peace and quiet is disrupted one morning while Nina is painting, by the sound of a large truck.  Nina takes a look and realizes someone has bought the old Victorian across the road from her, and the owner is a very attractive man with a little girl.  When the little girl, turns up in her yard with her small dog, she quickly charms Nina.  The new family across the street brings painful memories to Nina of the life she will probably never have.  After a run on the beach, a cold shower, and meeting her friends for a fitting for her bridesmaid dress, she's ready to go meet the new family and welcome them to the neighborhood. 

Teague O'Dell moved to the small town of Siren Cove to provide a better environment for his daughter Keely.  After the death of his wife, staying in the old house in the crowded city was too painful.  He is hoping this will be a fresh start for Keely and for him.  Teague is attracted to the pretty artist who lives across the street, but he's not sure he's ready for a relationship, or to bring another woman into his young daughter's life.

While Nina and Teague are drawn together, and Keely thrives in their new home, something dark and wicked is in the Cove, and has its eyes on Keely.

LOST INNOCENCE is a well written novel that reads more as a contemporary romance than a true suspense novel, though there are suspenseful elements in the book which will act as a catalyst to open both Nina's and Teague's hearts to the importance of trust and love.  When Keely is in jeopardy, Nina and Teague will move heaven and earth to save her and stop the evil that has invaded their peaceful town.

An entertaining novel with likeable characters and underlying suspense that will keep you guessing, this is the second book in the Siren Cove series and follows BURIED SECRETS.  While it's not necessary to read BURIED SECRETS first, there is enough information about it in LOST INNOCENCE that you'll want to pick it up as well.

Terrie Figueroa