The Wild Caruthers Bachelors , Book 3
Harlequin Desire # 2609
ISBN: 978-1-335-97169-2
July 2018
Contemporary Series Romance 

Cole's Hill, Texas – Present Day

Ethan Caruthers has been attracted to Crissanne Moss for years, but she is his best friend's girlfriend. But one night she shows up on Ethan's doorstep looking for a place to stay because she's broken up with Mason. Crissanne has no place to go, so he lets her move in with him temporarily. The attraction between them is obvious, but guilt has him stepping back. Can Ethan now date her freely as he wants to do, or is he betraying his best friend Mason?

Crissanne thinks of Ethan as a good friend whom she can turn to when she needs help. After she and Mason fought and broke up, she didn't know who else to turn to except Ethan. But living under his roof has her suddenly realizing that there is some hot sexual chemistry between them. He resists changing their relationship from friendship to lovers, insisting that she still might return to Mason. Then, the unthinkable happens—Mason is declared dead in a plane crash. Will Ethan and Crissanne now feel comfortable about pursuing something between them?

Twelve years ago, Ethan was with Mason when they both spotted Crissanne across a crowded room. Ethan let his insecurities get the best of him and allowed Mason to ask her out first. Things morphed from there, and through the years he's built a friendship with Crissanne, all the while keeping his attraction for her from being known. But the moment she announces that she's broken up with Mason, his heart wants to pursue her while his brain tells him she is on the rebound. Yet, there's no denying that they're attracted to one another. Just as Ethan thinks he might have a chance with Crissanne, they learn Mason is missing, then dead. Crissanne values Ethan's friendship and his being by her side after Mason's death, but she wonders if she is going from one relationship into another too fast. Should they step back and let things simmer on the backburner?

In CRAVING HIS BEST FRIEND'S EX, we have a couple grappling with their feelings for each other and not wanting to think they're betraying a friend. Crissanne has no family, and Ethan is the one valued friend she can turn to when she needs someone. Now that she's free, is the coast clear for a future together for them? As they battle their sexual attraction, it's clear that they were meant to be together. But things aren't easy for Crissanne and Ethan, especially when there's a stunning surprise in store for them. The sensuality is as intense as their feelings for each other.

Does Ethan let his second chance with Crissanne slip through his fingers? Find out in the sizzling CRAVING HIS BEST FRIEND'S EX.

Patti Fischer