FOR HER SON'S SAKE – Katherine Garbera
Baby Business , Book 3
Harlequin Desire #2331
ISBN: 978-0-373-73344-6
October 2014
Contemporary Series Romance

Los Angeles, California – Present Day

Single mom Emma Chandler has watched her family lose control of their beloved software company to Kell Montrose and his cousins. Her sisters, Cari and Jessi, have married Kell's cousins, and this has allowed Emma and her family to maintain a tenuous hold on the merged companies. But if Kell has his way, Emma will be out the door. He's been difficult to work with and shoots down Emma's ideas right and left. One day after they clash, they end up in the same elevator—alone—which breaks down. With nothing to do but talk, they soon also end up kissing. The kisses open up a passion that had lurked beneath the surface.

Kell is all business and doesn't feel he owes Emma and her sisters anything, but with his cousins marrying Cari and Jessi, he figures he will just push out Emma by making her job too miserable for her to handle. But after they kiss, he can't forget about her. She should be forbidden territory because this single mother probably isn't looking for just a fling, but for a potential father for her fatherless child. Yet there's no denying the sizzling attraction between them. Do Emma and Kell dare risk a fling—and falling for each other?

Emma's world revolves around her software design and her son, Sammy, after she lost her husband. Kell has been a big pain in the rear for her and her sisters ever since the men bought the company as an act of revenge for long ago grudges between their now deceased grandparents. Her sisters managed to find love with Kell's cousins and they think it's time for Kell and Emma to hook up. Both Emma and Kell say “no way,” but the searing electricity between them is set off in the enclosed elevator. Now they can't forget about the other. Kell doesn't want to get attached to a woman with a child because he feels he's not fit to be a father after the way he was raised by his bitter father. Emma knows that any man she brings into her life will have to consider Sammy as part of the package deal. Yet for a man who doesn't plan on fatherhood, Kell is a natural with Sammy.

The third book in the Baby Business series, FOR HER SON'S SAKE focuses on the eldest daughter, Emma, who has found her world come crashing down after Kell's hostile takeover of her family's beloved company. Kell has been like a snarling dog as he attacks Emma's attempts to show that she can invent new software that would be big sellers for the game-making company. She has fought back at his criticism, well aware that he could toss her out at any time. Kell is about to, but that one sizzling kiss in the elevator has him reeling. Kell and Emma might think they hate each other at first, but love is just as strong an emotion. Kell wants Emma, but can he promise a future for her and her son?

They started out at loggerheads battling for control of a company, but Emma and Kell soon find love working out just fine for them in FOR HER SON'S SAKE.

Patti Fischer