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IT’S ONLY FAKE ‘TIL MIDNIGHT – Katherine Garbera 
The Gilbert Curse , Book 2
Harlequin Desire #12A
ISBN: 978-1-335-45763-9
July 2023
Contemporary Series Romance

Gilbert Corners – Present Day

For ten years, Dash Gilbert visited his sister Rory at the care center where she has been in a coma since an automobile accident. One day he walks into her room to find her waking up. Summoning the nurses and doctors, Dash is surprised to see that a woman from his past is the attending doctor. Elle Monroe is all business when it comes to Dash and Rory, but when his sister mistakenly thinks Dash and Elle are now married, they are in a dilemma. The last thing they need is for Rory to get upset about her past as it could lead to a setback, so Dash gets Elle to agree to pretend that they are married. This means she will have to move in with him and Rory.

Ten years ago was a night Dash and Elle will never forget. She had gone out on a fewS N dates with Dash, but they weren’t really serious. But that night, two things happened. First, Rory goaded Elle into saying that Dash would ask her to marry him that night. Then, Rory was date raped, leading her, Dash, and their cousin, Conrad, to leave the party hastily. An accident with the rapist following them ended with all three in the car injured, and the rapist dead. One can understand why Dash is protective of his sister and does not want to upset her.

Meanwhile, Dash decides to woo the beautiful Elle into his bed. Of course, she is a busy doctor, but they do find time to spend alone. Elle wonders if there is any chance of a future together because he is dedicated to his work and hers is equally important, as is her life in Gilbert Corners. Dash believes his family is cursed when it comes to love, though Conrad has found love. (Conrad and Indy’s story is in ONE NIGHT WAGER, out now) Can being with Elle change his mind about love and a happily-ever-after? She also grows closer to Rory as she recovers, and Elle soon realizes that it will be hard to walk away from the Gilbert family. 

IT’S ONLY FAKE ‘TIL MIDNIGHT is a tale of second chances for Dash and Elle. She had loved him all those years ago, but that tragic night ten years ago changed everything for them. With Rory awake, will they get a chance to right the wrongs of the past? Find out the answer by grabbing a copy of this sizzling tale. 

Patti Fischer

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