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MATCHED BY MISTAKE – Katherine Garbera
Texas Cattleman’s Club: Diamonds & Dating Apps , Book 1
Harlequin Desire #13A
ISBN: 978-1-335-45775-2
August 2023
Contemporary Series Romance

Royal, Texas – Present Day

Maggie Del Rio and Jericho Winters are helping people they know who are developing a dating app. Maggie’s friend Misha asks her to sign up for it and she will demonstrate how it works to the crowd at the tech expo they’re attending. But the app matches Maggie with Jericho. Their families have feuded for years, so both realize that their respective families would not be happy with them dating. Both agree that helping to promote the app is the way to go, which means setting themselves up for several fake dates. But those dates soon turn into a startling realization. They’re sexually attracted to each other. Yet there is a little “feuding families” problem they will have to overcome before they can think about a future together. 

Did the app make a mistake or are Maggie and Jericho truly a good match? That is what our couple is going to find out in MATCHED BY MISTAKE. Maggie has heard all of her life how terrible Jericho’s family is, and though the two families ran in the same wealthy circles in Royal, they have managed to avoid each other…until now. Their first interaction is awkward because it is being witnessed by several hundred people as part of a presentation on how the app works. Even the inventor of the app is a bit confused about how it matched Maggie and Jericho but encourages them to go along with it because otherwise, it would make the app look problematic. But once they get over that awkward first meeting, sparks fly between them. Jericho can’t wait to see where this attraction goes. It will only be a fling, but oh, what a satisfying time they will have.

Maggie and Jericho dance around their attraction in MATCHED BY MISTAKE. They’re both aware of the sparks and think it is just something weird. Does hate turn into love? Well, they don’t really hate one another. Both are basing their perceptions on their family’s views about the feud. Soon, Maggie and Jericho are having a secret fling that isn’t so secret. Once the hoopla ends over their app match, will they go their separate ways? Will the family feud end and everyone be friends?

A sizzling tale about a couple who must navigate a family feud before they can find happiness, don’t miss MATCHED BY MISTAKE.

Patti Fischer

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