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ONE NIGHT WAGER – Katherine Garbera
The Gilbert Curse , Book 1
Harlequin Desire #2933
ISBN: 978-1-335-58172-3
March 2023
Contemporary Series Romance

Gilbert Corners – Present Day

Ten years ago, Conrad Gilbert was involved in an accident that injured him and his cousin, Dash, and left another man dead. Believing that what happened was part of the Gilbert Curse, Conrad left the family’s namesake town, Gilbert Corners, behind and vowed to never return. However, one day he is contacted by a woman named Rosalinda “Indy” Belmont, who is attempting to revitalize the small town and needs Conrad to return to generate publicity. He is now a world-renowned chef, so Indy challenges him to a cookoff. He refuses at first, but for a reason that even he can’t explain, finally accepts the challenge. 

Indy is intrigued by Conrad, the man they call “The Beast” due to the ugly scar on his face as the result of the accident. She knows that he is reluctant to return to Gilbert Corners, but she has made it her mission to restore the town to its former glory—and she needs the Gilbert family to help her. Indy isn’t much of a cook, so when Conrad offers a secondary challenge (the main one is his help in revitalizing the town), she only hesitates for a moment. If she loses, then Conrad demands that they spend a night together in his bed. Will he win the bet?

It's clear in ONE NIGHT WAGER that Conrad and Indy are attracted to each other. While he has bedded many women, it is Indy who intrigues him the most. Her passion for revitalizing his former hometown is remarkable, as well as her belief that she can beat him at a cooking challenge. They spar back and forth, which only amps up the growing attraction between them. Ultimately, Conrad’s cooking experience proves too much for Indy. Is he going to call on her to honor the little side bet they had?

Indy has built a small following with her renovating houses and towns with her own show on the Home Living Channel. She wants to bring back the old glory of Gilberts Corners, but she will need the family to help publicize it. Getting Conrad to participate in the cooking cookoff challenge was a stroke of genius. But after he wins Indy for a night of passion, has she bitten off more than she can chew? The man is dangerously sexy even with a scar marring his good looks. As they get to know each other better, Indy soon learns that there is more to Conrad than people know. Will she soothe the wild beast and get him to help bring his former hometown back to life?

There is plenty of emotion and passion in ONE NIGHT WAGER, the first book in The Gilbert Curse series. Conrad thought of himself as impenetrable when it comes to love, but Indy brings out a side of him that makes him want to keep her in his life forever. Find out if they get their happily-ever-after.

Patti Fischer

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