ONE NIGHT WITH HIS EX – Katherine Garbera
One Night, Book 1
Harlequin Desire #2693
ISBN: 978-1-335-60395-1
October 2019
Contemporary Series Romance

Cole's Hill, Texas – Present Day

Months ago, Hadley Everton and Mauricio “Mo” Velasquez broke off their love affair due to a combination of distance (her work was in New York City) and because he moved on to another woman as soon as she left town. They meet again at the engagement party of Hadley's sister and Mo's best friend. The attraction between them hasn't died and sparks are soon lit. They decide to have a one-night fling to “scratch the itch,” but once isn't enough. As they continue their on and off again affair, both realize that maybe being together is what is meant to happen. But they still have the same issues as before: are they ready to settle down exclusively with each other? Then, a pregnancy scare has them wondering if the decision will be taken out of their hands.

Despite their issues, Hadley and Mo can't stay away from each other in Katherine Garbera's ONE NIGHT WITH HIS EX. The attraction and sex were always there but trying to make a future work between them doomed the relationship. Hadley's career is important to her and it requires that she travel out of Cole's Hill regularly. Mo can understand it, even though he wants her to be by his side. But after they agreed to part amicably, she came back a few days later and found him in bed with another woman. That hurt Hadley's pride and made her angry at Mo because she felt he'd moved on too fast. But now they will be forced to be around each other due to the upcoming wedding of her sister to his best friend.

In ONE NIGHT WITH HIS EX, there is a side story involving the engaged couple, Helena and Malcolm, which involves both Hadley and Mo. Is Malcolm hiding a secret from Helena? Will they remain engaged?

The town of Cole's Hill has provided the background for several of Ms. Garbera's recent books and you see a few of the characters from prior books pop up. But don't worry, because ONE NIGHT WITH HIS EX revolves mostly around Mo and Hadley and can easily be read as a standalone.

Will the pregnancy test be positive, forcing Hadley and Mo into a decision of whether they will be raising their child together? Can the distrust that drove them apart be resolved? The sex is sizzling hot in this tale and you won't want to miss the ending. Grab a copy of ONE NIGHT WITH HIS EX the next time you're looking for a good book to read.

Patti Fischer