ONE NIGHT, TWO SECRETS Katherine Garbera
One Night , Book 2
Harlequin Desire #2700
ISBN: 978-1-335-60402-6
November 2019
Contemporary Series Romance

Cole's Hill, Texas Present Day

A few weeks ago, while attending a party, social influencer and heiress Scarlet O'Malley met a man she thought was Mauricio Velasquez. Their instant attraction turned into an erotic one-night stand. Scarlet hasn't seen or heard from him since, but she needs to find him because she's now pregnant.  Her search leads her to Cole's Hill, where she learns that the man she spent the night with is not Mauricio, but his twin brother, Alec. At first, Alec is apologetic to the duplicity, though he explains that he was at the party pretending to be his twin, who couldn't make it, in order to receive an award on his brother's behalf. But once Scarlet reveals her pregnancy to Alec, he wants a DNA test. Scarlet agrees, and sticks around Cole's Hill to learn more about her baby's father, and maybe to see if they can forge a future together as parents.

Mistaken identity and an unplanned pregnancy are the basis for the relationship between Scarlet and Alec in ONE NIGHT, TWO SECRETS.  Their first meeting was an explosion of lust and desire, which led to a night of passion. Why Alec didn't reveal his identity to Scarlet before he made love to her is because he allowed lust to cloud his judgment. Scarlet could have chosen to not contact the man she spent the night with and tell him that she was pregnant, but she felt she had a duty to do so. Her life wasn't easy growing up, and it has shaped her adulthood. She is a reality TV star with her own show (think like the Kardashians) and realizes that this pregnancy will change a lot of things. Does she want the baby's father in her life?

Alec belongs to a close-knit family and watched his twin nearly lose the woman he loves. The night he met (and bedded) Scarlet, the paparazzi took pictures of them together at the gala, and realizing that everyone thought he was Mo, left her before she woke up to head back to Texas. He needed to make sure the pictures didn't hurt Mo's relationship with his girlfriend, Hadley. He admits now he should've done things differently with Scarlet. In ONE NIGHT, TWO SECRETS, a couple who had an instant attraction now need to build trust between each other before they can hope to have any kind of future together.

ONE NIGHT, TWO SECRETS is a passionate tale of love at first sight, and one that will soon have readers rooting for our couple to succeed. Don't miss this riveting read.

Patti Fischer