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THE BILLIONAIRE PLAN – Katherine Garbera
The Image Project , Book 2
Harlequin Desire #2921
ISBN: 978-1-335-58160-0
January 2023
Contemporary Series Romance

Chicago – Present Day

PR expert Delaney Alexander has been trying to lay low after some bad press but she’s ready to show the world that she can pick herself up by making an appearance at her cousin’s society wedding. After arriving at the church, a little girl comes up to her asking her if she is “Pamela.” After telling the girl that she isn’t, Delaney learns that she was dropped off by her father, so she decides to wait for the father. He arrives, and it turns out that he is her upcoming project at work, aerospace CEO Nolan Cooper. At the wedding reception, Delaney gets to know Nolan even more, so when they do finally meet at his office, the sparks that have flown between them are ready to burst. 

Nolan is vying for a top government contract, and it turns out that Delaney’s ex-boyfriend is one of his competitors. While he doesn’t suspect her of being a mole, he can’t help but be reticent about discussing his bid with her. Delaney had been in the news about her breakup with her ex and her breaking into his house. She insists there is more to the story than what people know, but what can she say without proof against her ex? Meanwhile, their attraction burns hot as lava, and they’re soon making love. They seem so different from each other. Is there a chance of a future together?

THE BILLIONAIRE PLAN is the second tale in The Image Project and Delaney was a secondary character in the first book, BILLIONAIRE MAKEOVER. Delaney and her two friends run an image rehabilitation business, which is only a minor part of this tale. Nolan isn’t sure whether to trust her, though she insists that her ex is as dirty as they come. His wavering trust in her plays a big part later in THE BILLIONAIRE PLAN. While their affair is seemingly casual, deep down both are falling in love with the other. As readers suspect, their road to happiness will be rocky.

Delaney suffered from a bad reputation even before her foray into breaking and entering. She is an heiress, and most people think she’s spoiled and reckless. But she is proving everyone wrong as she is sharp and responsive, which helps when you’re partners in a PR firm. Nolan, on the other hand, has worked for his money. But his main priority is his daughter, Daisey, who lost her mother at birth. While he has been careful about bringing his dates into his daughter’s life, Delaney is at ease around the little girl. Will they soon become a family? Readers can only hope so. 

A sexy and emotional tale, be sure to not miss THE BILLIONAIRE PLAN.

Patti Fischer

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