The Wild Caruthers Bachelors , Book 2
Harlequin Desire #2538
ISBN: 978-0-373-83865-3
August 2017
Contemporary Series Romance

Cole's Hill, Texas – Present Day

Dr. Derek Caruthers is up for a promotion to chief of cardiology at the hospital and thought his path would be smooth—until a former lover joins the hospital board. She makes it clear that he needs to rekindle their “relationship” if he wants the job. Derek counters by telling her that he's involved with another woman. Now he has to find a woman as proof, one who won't be hard to untangle from after the position is secured. He looks no further than his best friend, Bianca Velasquez, a widowed mother of a two-year-old. It makes perfect sense for them to pretend to be engaged and move in together because they get along so well. But what about the attraction Derek has felt for her since they were teens?

Bianca is being smothered by her mother's well-meaning intentions of finding Bianca a husband and wants to put a stop to it. When Derek suggests a fake engagement, Bianca wonders if she can hide her feelings for him. But she must admit it's a good idea as it will get her mother off her back. Add in that moving out of her parents' home would be the first step to a new life for her and her son, and she quickly agrees. But living under the same roof sets off sparks between them. Will they end up with their hearts singed if they have to choose between pursuing a romance or just remaining friends?

A friends to lovers romance makes for a great story in THE TYCOON'S FIANCEE DEAL. The Caruthers and Velasquez families have known each other for years, but it's Derek and Bianca who became best friends. Derek watched proudly as Bianca achieved fame as a model, then stood by as she married Jose and had a child. What he doesn't know is that Bianca's marriage wasn't good, and this has made her reluctant to get involved in another romance.  This hasn't stopped her mother from trying, but Bianca doesn't want to reveal to her mother why she's not wanting to date. She's too embarrassed to admit she made a mistake marrying Jose.

Derek is a dedicated doctor and has been known to have a few romances. A couple of years ago he got involved with Marnie Masters, but that ended badly after he realized she wanted to control him. No one tells Derek what to do! But now Marnie holds his coveted promotion over his head and she wants him back in her bed. Well, he needs to head her off, and Bianca is a good barrier. But it brings to the surface the old crush Derek had on Bianca, and when they have to practice kissing to make their romance look real…it's like adding fuel to the fire. Soon they're making love.

Derek and Bianca have great chemistry and readers will enjoy their romance in THE TYCOON'S FIANCEE DEAL. While it's part of The Wild Caruthers Bachelors , this tale can very much be read as a standalone. A sizzling hot tale that I highly recommend, grab a copy of THE TYCOON'S FIANCEE DEAL today.

Patti Fischer